13 HP
28 mm deep
Current Draw
54 mA +12V
47 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$496 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

Gain Stage Amplifier

The GAIN STAGE AMPLIFIER offers 3 stages of amplification PRE and POST with x10 gain each in series, both these gain stages have a dedicated switch allowing for soft or hard clipping, in-between these gain circuits there is an interchangeable parallel distortion with a manual and voltage-controlled send “DRIVE” that routes the signal to one of the parallel circuits connected at the back of the module and a return knob “MIX” blends this signal back in-between the 2 gain stages.

The GAIN STAGE AMPLIFIER has 2 inputs, INPUT 1 with input attenuation and INPUT 2 a high-quality VCA with manual volume control and a VCA jack input, the AUX send control voltage is normalized to the VCA’s controlled voltage allowing for very controlled and more dynamic distortion following the VCA’s movements. The module has a PRE and POST 3 band EQ with a LOW, MID, and HIGH knob for each, the PRE EQ section follows the PRE GAIN allowing you to shape the sound before it is sent to the parallel circuits, the POST EQ section is at the final stage of this module allowing for further shaping.

Key Features

  • Interchangeable distortion circuits
  • CV control over parallel distortion
  • Input & output level attenuators
  • 3 band EQ for Pre & Post gain stages
  • Independent VCA with Manual signal & CV level adjustment
  • 2 channel summing Mixer
  • Pre & Post gain stages
  • Soft & Hard clipping switches for Pre & Post gain stages
  • RMS LED indicator for Pre & Post gain stages


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