24 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
60 mA +12V
40 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$728 Price in €

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BLD-2 Battleship Grey

Bass-lead & drum generator


The BLD has all components and functions necessary for generating bass lead and drum sounds with the focus on bass drum sounds. It can be triggered by a push button or by an external signal (any shape). The pitch, cutoff frequency, transient times and amplitude are also voltage controllable by external signals. The BLD contains main sound generator (OSCILLATOR) and noise generator and modifiers such as low pass filter, amplifier, and two transient (contour) generators.

New In BLD 2 Compared To BLD

new waveforms in the oscillator: 2 symmetrical pulses and pulse modulated sawtooth
added 6 pole mode (36dB) low-/bandpass
external audio input (LPF audio in)
external cutoff CV input (LPF Cutoff)
new route for the noise generator: PRE-POST-LPF
level control for the noise generator by AD (attack/decay) generator or AHD (attack/hold/decay)

Two FM inputs
PWM and sync inputs
Filter audio input
Cutoff CV input
Envelope trigger input
Release CV input for AR envelope
Attack, hold and release CV inputs for AHR envelope


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