12 HP
43 mm deep
Current Draw
59 mA +12V
54 mA -12V
? mA 5V
$249 Price in €

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

Thru-Zero Oscillator

The EN129 Thru Zero Oscillator is an all analog triangle-core VCO specialising in frequency modulation. Analog thru-zero FM modulation produces a wide array of timbres particularly useful for bell like or percussive sounds. Frequency modulation can be precisely dialled in thanks to a dedicated input attenuator and v/oct offset control. Logarithmic FM is also available via it’s own dedicated input with attenuator and both FM inputs have an LED to indicate incoming voltages. Simultaneous analog wave outputs include: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Square and Pulse wave with Pulse Width Modulation. The PWM control goes to zero at either end of it’s range, which is very useful for creating rhythmic sounds with voltage control. Furthermore the PWM control doubles up as waveshape modulation for the Sawtooth wave – gradually altering the waveform until it shifts half a cycle. The EN129 features Coarse and Fine frequency controls as well as an LFO mode. LFO range is accessed via an LED pushbutton that also acts as the LFO speed indicator – the button will light up when the waveform moves through its positive cycle.

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