8 HP
25 mm deep
Current Draw
50 mA +12V
30 mA -12V
0 mA 5V
$162 Price in €

This Module is discontinued.

Micro Research ERD/SIR white update

viral computation unit

This is the final limited re-issue [white] of the ERD/SIR (Susceptible, Infected, Recovered) with a few potentially damaging plague "fixes" and the addition of a new embedded full Turing Machine simulation. This ERD/SIR is produced with an opposing white panel and is issued in an edition of 40.

ERD/SIR roots the ERD modular philosophy firmly in a vampiric earth plague. Coded contagion and infection simulations and 8 bit processor models have been ported from the infamous micro-blackdeath device, and placed under control voltage (CV).

ERD/SIR offers a fully fledged viral computation unit including a central plague unit [CPU] acting as interpreter for selected instruction sets which operate on the interior cells or sound-generating individuals (the simulation of a medieval village within the synth). Instruction sets include masque (of the red death, courtesy of E.A Poe), brainfuck, redcode, plain plague, programmable Turing Machine, and SIR (susceptible, infected, recovered).

ERD/SIR is a digital/analogue module which can be used as a stochastic, chaotic pattern and waveform generator. The three knob controls and CV can be used to change the speed of simulation and output voltage, the selected plague and instruction set, and to actually input instructions, live coding style, into the simulated plague processors or CPUs.



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