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error drum

de best in broken beats

Is a eurorack Format 12 drum sounds / casio tone roll drums . model on 4 HP It has different pre sets And different drum sounds . You can control this with CV It needs a trigger and the rest will go automatically the sound is quite crunchy it’s a little bit Like games sound or chiptune But also for hard-core and more dark stuff There is also an distortion Very interesting if you’re using your little regular 808 or 909 sound And give some Different sounds .

There is also a small hack if you want For the hackers The front panel is a double front panel so if you want you can make it loose and make a different model you can make a oscillator With a filter You need a different code for this This model is developed In calibration With Ginko . Please check demos


  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
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$69 Price in €
4 HP Drum
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