Secret Handshake (ASMR)

Secret handshake (ASMR)

After sucses the secret handshake noise series

the whole time is sold out.

there is a new secret handshake. (ASMR), which responds to your feelings

and have strange electro compentences. from 1950 from the USSR

and mix CMOS base

this is the last.of the secret handshake noise series

Therefore we make more 50 pics.

and the price more low 139 inc

more info about (ASMR) Autonomous sensory meridian response

(ASMR) modules in Eurorack
you get a good feeling.
tingle down your neck. Relaxing nice
knispere of sparks.
the sound of fire. but also
chiptune .or loud noise
specific electrical components from the 50, s
with and mix of capacitors. which lose that great power.

  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V

This Module is a prototype or in a concept phase.

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