30 HP
38 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +12V
? mA -12V
? mA 5V

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Complete synth voice

Oscillators: dual analog oscillators paired with one another. The main frequency control covers both oscillators and osc 2 pitch control detunes high or low and then shifts to 5ths or 7ths of osc 1 for instant musicality. There's also an octave control to switch octaves up or down. When you jack in to oscillator 2 it becomes independent of oscillator 1 so Anthesis can become distinctly duophonic. Oscillator shape also covers both oscillators simultaneously and smoothly fades from square to saw to triangle to sine waveforms on a single control (with added cv) and there's a switch to determine which direction the control or a/r travels. Add to that a sine-based sub oscillator.

Noise: Level and shape control using bandpass filtering.

Modulation: With speed control over the final vca mix of all events with selectable shape; square, triangle, sine.

Envelopes: Four of them (A/R), all with adjustable attack and release, all triggered simultaneously and with a looping function. Selection of four timing options from x ms to x ms. These four envelopes control: 1. oscillator level 2. oscillator shape 3. noise level 4. modulation over final vca. The envelopes can also be bypassed.

Switches: Six of them all touch-based. 1. trigger 2. loop 3. a/r speed 4. shape direction 5. modulation shape 6. a/r bypass

Controls: osc frequency, fine frequency, osc shape, osc 1/2 octave, osc 2 level, osc2 pitch, Sub osc level, FM, modulation level, modulation speed, noise level, noise shape, independent Attack and Release controls for osc 1/2 level, osc shape, modulation, noise.

CV: All attenuable. osc frequency, osc2 frequency, osc2 level, osc shape, sub osc level, sync, octave, noise level, noise shape, modulation level, modulation speed.

Inputs/Outputs: Every waveform (square, saw, triangle, sine), oscillator 2 and a mix of all events, sync, FM.

What makes this module unique: As a complete voice there's nothing quite like it. It creates a deep, rich development of sound with enormous possibility.

- A/R envelope controls for each: osc 1, shape, noise, modulation

  • controls for osc frequency, shape, osc 2 frequency, osc 2 level, sub osc, FM, noise level, noise shape, modulation level, modulation speed, octave switching all with CV

  • fine frequency control

  • touch-based switching over: A/R speed, shape direction, A/R bypass, Trigger, Modulation shape, A/R Looping
    Ins and Outs
    Ins and Outs

  • CV over: osc 1 1v/oct, osc 2 1/v/oct, osc 2 level, osc shape, sub osc level, noise level, noise shape, modulation level, osctave switching

  • audio outputs for all waveforms (sine triangle, saw, square), osc 2, mix,

  • sync and FM inputs

- includes printed manual, mounting hardware and power connection in a beautiful folktek box.

  • view the online manual (not yet available)

  • 12v = xma

-12v = xma

+5v = xma

width = 30HP

1.5" depth

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