Fonitronik TH VC Fader

VC Crossfader

This is a panel and PCB set for building Thomas Henry’s Voltage Controlled Crossfader/VCA. Back in 2012 Thomas Henry published this circuit as a kind of apprentice piece. One might think that this is a rather large module for being just a crossfader, however, it gives you alot of control. A lot.

Voltage controlled crossfade (2-in-1)
DC/AC selector for each input
All CV inputs with attenuator
VCA with two VC inputs and gain control

  • ? mA +12V
  • ? mA -12V
  • ? mA 5V
  • 40 mm deep

Module is available as a DIY project only.

This Module is currently available.

$78 Price in €
submitted Jan 31st 2018, 13:02 by Hielke