Currently I'm working out my first generative eurorack. For the case I have settled on Intellijel Designs 7U Stealth Case 104 HP and has already arrived. In its first incarnation all the 1U tiles together with the Dixie, 1 filter (not yet decided which one),Triplatt, Quad VCA, Quardrax, Dual FX, Pamelas new workout, Bloom, Seppy, Kinks, Maths, Links and Sample drum will go in my case

The other modules will come later.

Still i have the feeling that i'm missing something that is able to "Switch" signals to different places over time. It can be done with a mult and some VCA's but i feel the demand for VCA's is high already.

Any other tips or suggestions are welcome to.

Nice case! i love the variations. One Question. How do you fit so many modules in the Intellijel case with just 28 slots without to much Noise?

That's actually a good question, i did not thought about. Luckily the 2 LPG are passiv. I could exchange the utility mixer and mult for an other links. I could leave out the Midi and Line-out tiles. Thats down to 30 still in need for changes.

Maybe it's an option to use 2 or 3 Make Noise Chain Cables. I'm not sure if they have impact on the signal quality but i can imagen its not a problem sinds flying busboard is a thing as well. The power consumption is well within the spec.