New guy here. I've been trying to trigger my mother-32 from a euclidean sequencer all morning only to find that the mother will listen to pamelas workout, but not my euclidean module... Is this an issue of gates versus triggers? Honestly I'm getting pretty discouraged with the amount of time I spend just trying to connect stuff together.

(The idea with the euclid module is to get variable pattern lengths and steps on the fly)

can't you do that with Pam's anyway? definitely has euclidean

it's possible that mom needs hotter triggers - so you'd need an amplifier - do you have anything else that can do that - veils r intellijel quad vca perhaps?

which euclidean sequencer is it - does it need a clock? or do you need to switch on an internal clock?

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

I can do that with pam's (which is what I'm going to try next). It's the 2hp euclid module, which is being clocked by pam and the steps are being modulated by a disting in random step quantize mode (like a turing machine). Pammy can even do the euclid+turing machine thing by herself I believe. Thanks for the tip about the "hotter" triggers.

just checking, but you are triggering the 2hp module from pam's aren't you?
and you are sure you plugged it in correctly?

the 2hp euclid module outputs +5v for 6ms - check the mom manual for how long it needs too be triggered?
pams outputs also +5v, but buffered

do you have a buffered mult? - you could try that - I have a few modules that Maths doesn't trigger for until it goes through a buffer

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

See Page 59 infra here:

There's two possibilities of them is that the clock input might be set to the wrong mode, and the pages above show how to correct that. The other could well be that the Euclidean module is only outputting trigger pulses, and the M32 prefers to see gate pulses, which have a longer duration.

One other point: you won't have full CV control over the M32 from Eurorack without the use of a module such as Erica's MSCALE, as the M32 uses -5V to +5V as its scaling, and generally you don't see negative CV values in Eurorack modules.

Thanks for the help everyone, I think Lugia got it right with the m32 preferring gate impulses. I've tried multing the trigger from euclid through moms onboard mult to no avail. The trigger output from my disting won't do the trick either -but pams gates work like a charm. And thanks for the heads up about the m32's scaling, the more I try and make mom work with my eurorack stuff the less I like it... If only she could be perfect like Pam.