2hp verb-
2hp delay- https://youtu.be/tshUYBG4A8
Pico vcf1- https://youtu.be/8cPJm
Strymon aa1-
4ms row power 45-

I'd rather have a multi-effects unit - roland or something than this - is this for guitar? if so how are you going to control it???

modules are all very very small and difficult to use next to each other - get your tweazers ready!

having a modular effects box is exactly the same as a full on modular synth - still need modulation and utilities etc - the only difference is that the sound source is external (and that still needs a module)

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

sound sources < sound modifiers < modulation sources < utilities

Only small modules, cab size is an iPhone case, and Robin f*ing Vincent videos to top it off ? No way this is serious, it's like a rack full of Distings, it's funny to look at but no one is buying it... I hope :-)

--- Voltage control all the things ---

This was a one off project for my father. The idea being to replace a few pedals with some modules so he has less to carry when he goes out to play. It’s also in a custom case made of 4a flamed maple with F- holes. Guitar style :)
This is certainly nothing like having a full on synth nor was it designed to be. It’s purpose other than being small is only as a small standard fix unit for guitar, hence why it’s called “dads pedalboard”.
I almost went the multifx route(and I would have if this was for me) but it’s easier to have dedicated “pedals” or modules for understanding use/signal flow for someone who isn’t into synths and eurorack, and just comes from a guitar background.

It’s controlled by the EF in the dynamo which can pick up the velocity of your playing and modulate the verb, delay, drive, and filter(read wah). The videos are so my dad could learn about the modules in his new rack as he is brand new to synths/modular.
Certainly no one is buying this, as it was built only for only one purpose and one person in mind :)
You could make this with a rack of distings, but you cannot make a rack of distings with this.
Final result is a blast to play with