2hp verb-
2hp delay- https://youtu.be/tshUYBG4A8
Pico vcf1- https://youtu.be/8cPJm
Strymon aa1-
4ms row power 45-

I'd rather have a multi-effects unit - roland or something than this - is this for guitar? if so how are you going to control it???

modules are all very very small and difficult to use next to each other - get your tweazers ready!

having a modular effects box is exactly the same as a full on modular synth - still need modulation and utilities etc - the only difference is that the sound source is external (and that still needs a module)

Only small modules, cab size is an iPhone case, and Robin f*ing Vincent videos to top it off ? No way this is serious, it's like a rack full of Distings, it's funny to look at but no one is buying it... I hope :-)