Two of my recent experiments in one Rack and one Post.

First tinkering and practicing with a more performance based piece:

Then me trying to do the opposite and building more classical song structures and putting my fender to use.

And if anyone has some good tips for nice 6u cases. (sorry, still no fan of the mantis )

Hi Zuggamasta,

Two great videos, the first one is nice to have a look from "the top" :-) At the end you put kilos of reverb, yeah! ;-)

The second video and track is indeed more classic approach, more something for me ;-) Nice touch with the guitar by the way! You have a nice sequence going on there.

Regarding cases, yeah, I not a mantis case fan either. If it must be a 6 U then check out the Doepfer - A-100LC6 that's 2 x 84 HP at about Euro 379.

Though if you add 60 bucks then at Euro 439 you'll get a 9 U A-100LC9, I do think this 9U is more worth it (however keep in mind that the mA per HP is less though; same one PSU 3 with 2000 mA at +12 V).

A-100 LC6, 2 x 84 = 168 HP total, price Euro 379, price per HP is Euro 2.26 and 11.9 mA/HP
A-100 LC9, 3 x 84 = 252 HP total, price Euro 439, price per HP is Euro 1.74 and 7.9 mA/HP

Or if you want the more fancy one then go for the A-100 P6 or A-100 P9, same space, same specs, it just looks better.

The nice thing is that you always can extend it with an A-100 LCB or an A-100 PB and then you got a nice set together. I have the A-100 LC9 on top of the A-100 LCB, nice little set together (they stand next to the big brother set A-100 LMB and LMS9). I am happy with both of those sets.

If you want a bigger one but insist to stay with 6 U then you might want to consider the Doepfer - A-100 PMS6 that's 2 x 168 HP and comes with two PSU3 power supply units.

Up to you ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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