Hi! I am getting ready to pull out the credit card and fill in this rack. I have 104HP to fill up - it's half of an Intellijel 7U case. Here's what I currently have:

ModularGrid Rack

Here's a short list I've been considering:

Make Noise DPO - I'm pretty sold on this and love my other MN gear
Joranalogue Filter 8 - Looks powerful with a lot of character but I'm open to options - stereo options to the top of the list
Batumi - This just looks like a super useful module and I love the quadrature option
Marbles - This looks very interesting but with a learning curve, open to other random gate/CV generator suggestions
Clouds - Doesn't look like Beads is going to be available anytime soon, but something to do granular in the rack would be fun
Erica Black Joystick 2 - these look fun but I'm open to something else to manually add dynamics while recording live studio performances
PNW - I always seem to max out my existing PNW so was thinking another one would be very useful.

I know there are tons of other modules to consider, but this list is made of stuff I think I can actually buy, as opposed to hunt down over months. I've been having a ton of fun building light/dark ambient patches and multilayer sequence patches, but I always feel like I run out of modulation sources.

I "think" I am OK for envelopes/VCAs/attenuators/mixers to be able to use most if not all the sound sources simultaneously in this setup, but please let me know if you think otherwise.

Sequencing is covered by the Rene and a KeyStep Pro for sequencing and other external gear for more sequencing if needed.