Hi everyone,

I would like to share my little modular synth project with you, for some advices.

Here it is :

Midi and audio on the highest row :
- I begin with the Yarns as a midi interface, clock, sequencer and using channel 3 and 4 as synced digital lfos.
- a buff mult to rule the oscillators pitch
- Sto, which I like for its beautiful Sine wave, and the waveshaping. And Paradox for deep crazy fm modulations, working with the fm aid. Then comes Veils for mixing and vcas.
- Forbidden planet, multiple filter

Modulation and effects on the lowest row :
- fractio solum for wild clock dividing
- clep diaz pour stepped modulation
- contour, souvenir from my first semi-modular synth 0-coast
- A-147 LFO
- Sinc bucina, beautiful low pass gate and envelop
- kinks (sample and hold, sign and logic)
- MIA Attenuverter

Then the lovely reverb from noise engineering Desmodus Version, and output...

What do you think ?
Thanks a lot

you could swap out the og veils for the reissue and get 2 hp back - and then upgrade the fx aid to an fx aid xl

other thing I would do - start saving for the next case!

Hi JimHowell1970,

thank you for the advices : do you think I will need more modules that needs more room ?

Note that it is not the fx aid but fm aid. And I already own the primary version of veils.
In fact the only one module I do not own yet is the Clep Diaz : good choice for this one, or would you choose another (fx aid, terci ruina ?)

sooner or later you will almost definitely need more room - there will be somehtiing you want to do can't patch it with what you have and then find the module you need only to find it's 20+hp and you don't want to sacrifice anything = new case time always try to buy bigger than you think you need - same goes for vcas and mixer channels as far as I am concerned!

I think you have a lot of modulation in this case already - I'd go for something else - possibly fx aid - but I'd want to see if I could free an extra 2hp for the xl version - ergonomics and more modulation points are really useful

Ok !
So I guess I wait before buying anything more, and change my case for a 68hp*2rows
Thanks again

I would go bigger - either 104hp/6u or 84hp/9u - ie a mantis when they are available again - or a doepfer lc9 - these are the best value/known cases - with decent power supplies etc

always try to leave some room free for expansion!!

+1 on the Mantis (or similar) suggestion. Actually, have a look at these guys: https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=case%20from%20lake&make=case-from-lake Bespoke construction, wood cases, all very amply powered. If you can't find a Mantis, just check out their 2 x 104...which comes in at a whopping $29 more than the Mantis while offering the same room plus a serious wood cab.

Thank you both of you ! Special thanks to Lugia, you made me discover Noise reap, and I love Paradox !

I have been playing with a LC9 for a year, and there is always an empty row... otherwise I really like to play modular "horinzontally", with the case lying down on my desk, which is not possible with LC9 because of power supply.

I already order a 68hp*2 to Modular Maritime - trying to work with french guys, as I am french too - but maybe i'll keep the LC9... just in case :p

Yep, you'd BETTER keep that Doepfer cab...because, as we all know, empty Eurorack spaces have the ability to summon modules to fill them! Do not anger the wandering Eurorack modules!

The other thing is that Case From Lake has THE cab you want...go and check out their pages on Reverb (or right now, Facebook; they seem to have blown thru their stock listed on Reverb!), and lo and behold, they've got "flat" cabs that curve slightly to raise the top and middle rows, making for a much better ergonomic result. The other thing I like about them is that they can and do modify their base-level designs. More power? Extra tile rows? Extra width? Yeah, they do that. Plus...and this is the huge one...they're CHEAP! You normally don't see cabs like theirs without prices that go several hundred higher.

« because, as we all know, empty Eurorack spaces have the ability to summon modules to fill them! Do not anger the wandering Eurorack modules! »
Haha ! Nice philosophy ! Promise, I keep it !