This week we speak with modular synthesist robby to discuss the collapse of the producer/consumer:

Hi Fred,

Ah one of your nice long sessions :-) Wow, and this time you straight away set off with some nice oscillators accomplishing each other in that first minute, nice!

He, he, there is nothing better than a live jam! :-) If you, like yourself, are able to do that, I for myself need already an half hour to set one LFO right, so me and live jams, I don't think that goes good together ;-) It's therefore for me very enjoyable watching someone knowing what he's doing during such a session, great work!

He, he, that Death of HudsonSoft reminds me of the good old Vangelis years ;-)

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Yeah this was a fun episode with a real book worm of module knowledge. And as always, thanks for your kind comments.