I would use it to put some analog sound in my productions, and step back from software cause i got bored xd. I decided going modular because the fact there is tons of modules that I can assemble in one case, instead of having multiple synth ocuping space. What do you think?


I suspect you‘d get more for less with a standalone synth like the Microbrute or a used Analog Four, and you could always get something semi-modular, again Microbrute or any of the Behringer Clones if you enjoy patching.
Atleast that‘s my reply if all your looking for is a little flavor for your productions.

Don‘t underestimate the rabbit hole and price of modular.

But I‘m sure someone more experienced will chime in soon!

All the bestest

@Cangore That's the matter. I want to play and record sounds that fits in my music, and the most obvious would be buying a synthetiser but in the other hand i feel atracted of modular synthesis hobby. So i would like to build something that fills the two things. For your reply, the best thing is buying a semi-modular, which im atracted by the moog mother 32, the noise 0-coast and the neutron as more affordable.

Thx for your Help!!

cheap and custom do not usually go well together in the same sentence

you can usually have one or the other but not both

And "cheap" should NEVER be used in the same sentence as "Eurorack"! If you go with "cheap" there, you're apt to wind up with a boxful of crap! And in fact, that's exactly what's linked above...

Here's a better solution, one which should satisfy the patchcord jones AND let you get way on into the more complex aspects of modular without costing an arm and a leg (maybe just everything below your elbow, though), without being too confusing, and WITH experience on many of the primary modules while all in one device. And we call it the "0-Easel".

First up, go here: https://reverb.com/item/38531145-impossibleshape-0-rack-3-tier-stand-for-makenoise-0-coast-0-ctrl-strega-2020-birch What this is is a 3-tier stand specifically for Make Noise's 0-Ctrl, Strega, and 0-Coast modules. By putting those together in a single rig, you'll actually wind up with a rather potent Eurorack starter setup which can be easily built off of AND which has tons of capabilities.

But here's the thing...and this explains the odd name...what this is is a redux of the same ideas behind the famous Buchla Sound Easel, albeit without Don's separate control/audio scheme and a few sneaky "extras" thrown in thanks to the mad genius that IS Tony Rolando and the addition to this "ecosphere" of the Strega, which opens up avenues that the Buchla doesn't necessarily have. Better still...

Basic Eurorack build (that works): avg. $2500-4000
Buchla Sound Easel: If just the 208c module: $4000. Adding the appropriate case and the annoyingly-discontinued 218 controller: double that (because Buchla + discontinued = NOSEBLEED PRICE)
This thing: Rack = $90, Make Noise devices = $1497.

If I were in this situation, I'd be shooting for that LAST deal! Comparatively, it IS che...ah..."inexpensive" relative to other solutions, AND it has enough sonic potential that you'll still be finding new tricks several years down the road. AND...when you're ready to add more Eurorack stuff, it all connects 1:1. Sounds like a much more viable solution!

@Lugia thanks a lot for your info. Can you be more specefic about cheap eurorack being a crap? I mean, it's because i will be limited in functions or the sound quality and build are crap.

About prices, I put a cap of 1000$. About the 0-Easel, it's a great build but i would like to use other brands, which are the more reliable in the eurorack world?

Hope im not asking a lot, you're all really helpful, love this comunity :D

Hey @bling12345 why don‘t you just browse around the Rack threads on the Forum? There‘s a lot to be seen and learned, tons of information and well informed opinions, you‘ll probably also see what people generally think of the cre8 nifty rack and cellz.. spoiler: not much. Also you will start to notice some popular advice for newbies like us: Shades, Links, Kinks, Plaits etc..

About prices, I put a cap of 1000$.
-- bling12345

Here's the thing with modular: it's darn expensive, I mean look at the average MINIMUM price Lugia put up for a BASIC build, it already costs double your budget, and I'd says that average price is probably already squeezing all the value out of every dollar. Forget about cheap and good, there's some functions you can get for cheap thanks to manufacturers like Ladik, but that's still cheap in Eurorack terms, not actually cheap. If you pay cheap, you get cheap, not necessarily in terms of build quality but rather module design, functionality per HP, etc. There's DIY as well, but you need to be a little handy with an iron, and that's still just cheaper, not cheap.

Honestly, for that amount of money, I don't think there's a way to get both into patching little cables and getting an efficient/interesting instrument to use for music production. What you will get is a setup that will offer less functionality than a "regular" synth around the same price, and that means that at some point you will have to invest more money to transform that "basic starter setup" into something that can do more than say an Elektron Analog 4. I get the interest for modular (I wouldn't be here if I didn't) but you need to understand what it means financially. I personally love the idea of the 0-Easel so if you insist on going Eurorack, I'd start with that, at least it makes for a unique interesting instrument and a lot of exploration...

The advice here is good: if your maximum expense is one grand, then think semi-modular. Many different models to choose from, besides those mentioned. Assuming you are in the USA, your budget can get you one of these:

  • Pittsburgh Modular Microvolt 3900 ($630)
  • Pittsburgh Modular SV-1 Blackbox ($700)
  • Kilpatrick Audio PHENOL ($700)
  • Dreadbox Erebus III ($600)
  • Dreadbox Nyx V2 ($600)
  • Moog Mother-32 ($615)
  • Make Noise 0-COAST ($540)

That leaves you money for a keyboard. Or just get an Arturia Minibrute 2 ($500). Later, you can expand any of these with another semimodular or a modular.

Don't forget some sort of fun effects. Standard recommendation is a Zoom MS-50G.

Or just get a Arturia Microfreak ($340) and bank the rest of your money. There's no reason to think a non-modular synth is too limiting. Internal routing is the same as modular patching! Both allow you to make new connections in interesting ways. The differentiator is the flexibility. The Microfreak essentially has the engine out of a digital VCO, plus so much more.

I spent years with only a monosynth and a crap drum machine. Had loads of fun!

Microfreak isn't a bad idea here, also. It's definitely got more of a "west coast" sound going on...plus you get the touchplate keyboard, which I know tends to wig out synthesists that have no modular experience. But really, it's more like the bastard love-child of a Sound Easel and a Microbrute...quite interesting, really. The other nice thing is that Arturia is always coming up with new oscillator modules and other voodoo that can be "blown in" via USB.

But, yeah...$1k isn't a doable goal here unless you're willing to bust out the soldering gear. But if you DO want a way to get proper modular performance while not spending an arm and a leg, then go here: https://www.tangiblewaves.com/ I have a 160-space AE system here, soon to get punched up to 180 spaces when I add the controller/mixer tier. And while that might sound HUGE (and yeah, it IS), the AE stuff is extremely affordable; my system, thus far (which includes the new 20-space row and the modules slated for it) has run me around $6k-ish...and $6k for something that big isn't something you can do in Eurorack, even if you DO kit-build the system yourself.

Really helpful all your opinions, I think I will research more about what modular is xD.
For what you all say, you need a bigger budget to build something useful.
Anyway, my first priority is to have some good quality analog sounds, like a a simple saw wave with filter and envelope for bassline. For more complex modulation and synthesis I prefer going on digital because of budget, and use vst like serum with a lot of capabilitys.

Behringer Crave & VCV rack..