Hi all, some problems with this forum showing the correct layout. Seem to have sorted it.
Anyway, I am new to this modular synthesis lark and having read a lot of the forum rack examples I have decided to take the plunge and ask for your advice whether my layout idea will be useful to me. I have taken the advice of Jim, Lugia and others about having lots of tools and utilities modules rather than sound sources and would like anyone's opinion on whether this layout will work for me. I have a Minibrute 2, Mother 32, DFAM, Beatstep Pro and TR8-S which I hopefully can use as the sound sources for this setup plus I liked the sound of the Manis Iteras so included that aswell. I will be mostly designing sounds and rhythms to be used in techno/hardcore type music.
Thanks for looking


ModularGrid Rack

I won't be able to afford everything immediately so thought I could start with Maths, Veils, Plaits and Links as a starter set. Wise?

starter plan is decent - I'd swap links for kinks if I were you though - as kinks has been discontinued - there's a last batch by the look of it - so grab it now

for mults either get some stackcables or some headphone splitters