Hi all,

Due to lack of space in my studio i need a custom build eurocase case which could fit in the small space left on my desk.
I was not able to find any cases which would fit in there hence i think i have to go custom.
Any advices on some good cases producer located in Europe?
Thanks in advance,

depends on how much you want to spend - custom cases can get very pricey very quickly

have you considered diy? it's a lot easier than you might think!! 4 out of 6 of my racks are DIY - all 9u either 84 or 104hp and come in at about €100 + power

what exactly are you after? - size wise and materials wise - do you want portability?

Of course, I'd advise you to at least look into what Jim is suggesting first, as it's the cheapest option and you never know, you can always find the building phase entertaining as well. But if your needs are very specific and you don't feel comfortable with building yourself, I can wholeheartedly recommend MDLR, Arjan is a well recognized and reliable builder, and I've read that he also makes custom orders: https://www.mdlrcase.com/

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.
Actually i am very bad at DIY hence i don't feel like going that route.
I will contact MDLR to ask for a quote of the case i am looking for.
Thanks a lot,

Another great source...especially since I'm betting you're in Italy...would be Case From Lake in Brescia. Won't fix your VAT in the EU, but at least the locality will lower the shipping cost!

Hi Lugia,

This is perfect indeed. I will contact him.

Thanks for the suggestion,

Talk with them for a bit, too...doing "modifications" to their base-model cabs is something they're experienced at. If you need more power, wider rows, etc...they do that.