Hey guys,

I'm reaching you to get some advices about what I could swap out of my main rack to go the full ambient way (Tim Hecker, Lawrence English...).
I had this rack for about more than a year now and I think the only module I tend to not use that much is the Altantis.
I also have a skiff with a PEG, a 4ms DLD, an Erbe-Verb + an Erica Synths Sample Drum that I almost never use.
I replaced the DLD and the Erbe-Verb in my rack with the Mimeophon and I'm pretty happy with it.
My goal would be to pack most stuff in the 7U because I move it alot to play with some friends.

ModularGrid Rack

Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I'm thinking about maybe removing the Atlantis to get a Batumi, Pamela's New Workout and a Morphagene but I'd be glad to hear what you guys think about it.


removing the atlantis, if you don't use it much, seems like a good idea

I would personally go with either batumi or pam's in this size rig, not both, and add more utilities for mixing/modifying/multing modulations sources to create more interesting ones - kinks is great, if you can find one - discontinued recently, but there should be a few still in stores

re utilities in general doepfer and ladik are your best friends - just make sure the depth is ok in the case

I'd also consider an fx aid xl - lots of different algos for effects and decent number of modulation inputs

Thanks for your insight! I had Kinks in mind too and luckily got one this week end at my local store. Bought Batumi too.
You're right about more utilities, I'll give a look at that and at the FX-Aid XL.
Thanks for your help mate.

I'm bumping this thread so I don't create a new one.

Would that make sense? Or should I go 9U? I think I already know everyone's answer on this one but still...

ModularGrid Rack