Hi, for CV recording with Hermod I need a simple manually controllabe CV source.

I have a MI Stages, where it is possible, but i dont like the little slider too much for this purpose and i would like to switch it for a Tides.

Since im quite a noob: Which possibilities do I have to feed the hermod with hand played mod CV? Module recommendations welcome. White and 4hp (max) or 8hp would be nice to fit in. :) cheers.

€ Any other ideas to use something für that purpose? Can the Disting do something like that?

Here's my rack:


keeping with mi shades will do this

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Well, they're not white, but you can fit two of them into 8 hp: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/ladik-u-081 Also a fader, but with a lot more tricks up its sleeve.

Thank you so far! Will change the MI Links for the Ladik I think. The Shades is hard to bring in, although I'm thinking about throwing out Pam's because its quite redundant with the Hermod. But then the hp-juggle starts out again. ;) Thank you!

One other thing, also...since these Ladiks are so small and cheap, you might even consider getting a small skiff for several of them plus a power supply (or a powered skiff) to use as a dedicated CV source/controller that you can patch at will across the entire system. That would also give you a tad more space in the build, besides being a straight-up ergonomics WIN.

If you want to use pots/knobs:

Intellijel's 1U Quadratt is great for manual CV control. You can control up to four CV signals. You need only patch the outputs to whatever you wish to control. But if you don't have an Intellijel case, you are out of luck.

Befaco makes a Dual Attenuverter in 3U that can control up to two. Yes, its man function in life is to attenuvert. But just like the Quadratt, when nothing is patched into the input, the CV offset will generate its own CV.

As far as CV, always read up on the devices CV out or input ranges when mating two things together. It might effect the range of control that you have.

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Future Sound Systems Makrow - 8hp, white, and has multiple CV outs for a single large knob. Super handy.

Thanks for mentioning Makrow! It seems to be just the thing I wanted for connecting my expression pedal to control multiple things.