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See my rack listed above....been gassing for the multi-delay processor for a while, hence it being placed in the rack now. This rack sits below a Cwejman S1MK2 so there is access to envelopes, filters, mixers, and many other patchpoints. I'm curious if someone can suggest some basic modules that could be more impactful than the Verbos delay. Thanks in advance everyone.

Hi Gvfgvf,

Unless you have already all those shown Cwejman modules, there is no longer any chance of getting them other than second hand, which might be hard to get. Wowa Cwejman died on the 30th of January 2021 :-(

Good luck with the planning and kind regards, Garfield.

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Gvfgvf asks for advice about a replacement module of Verbos delay.
Not about Cwejman's life.
Be serious.
The magic of forums.
You ask a question about something, a someone answers you about something else you don't care.
Read the subject please.
I'm really get bored with answers who doesn't answer your question.
Don't spend time for nothing useful please.

@klodifokan, GarfieldModular is a very helpful and supportive member of this forum. Perhaps Garfield wanted to offer some assistance, but did not have any specific recommendations for replacing the Verbos delay. Did you have an actual recommendation for the OP's question?

Hi Klodifokan,

I am sorry to read your reaction on my reply to Gvfgvf. I did read the post, I was aware of the delay question but since this is the Rack section of this forum, I assumed this rack of Gvfgvf is in planning phase. If you are in a planning phase and you plan a lot of modules of one brand that's no longer available, then I do think it make sense to inform the user (in this case Gvfgvf) that these modules are no longer obtainable (other than perhaps 2nd hand). That was the only reason of my feedback, to create awareness at user level that certain modules are no longer available.

Because, in my humble opinion, the above planned rack doesn't make sense if the user can't obtain all modules as planned. In case all modules are already in possession of Gvfgvf, well then that's very great and nice too :-)

All right, so let's have a look at the delay question itself then (I do think in this planning phase it's a bit too early to focus on that but since your opinion seem to be that's the only thing that counts for the moment). As Farkas already mentioned and guessed correctly, I do not have any specific recommendation for replacing the Verbos delay because the rack planning is most likely to be unrealistic unless all modules are already in possession. But for the sake of answering the delay question, I will give it a try.

P.S.: Perhaps a little advice to reread your own message, try to discover how one might feel and observe the way you wrote your message. I can't say that was very kind or of a pleasant tone. We try to be helpful here in this community for each other and, that's just my humble opinion, I would appreciate, a more positive tone in the messages we are trying to send to each other.

I look forward in a more positive way of communicating with you and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Gvfgvf,

I am sorry if my message/feedback was perhaps a little unclear. My concern here for your above rack is, do you have already all the displayed modules, mainly worried about the Cwejman modules because, as already mentioned, they are no longer obtainable. If you already have them, then well that's seriously fantastic :-) If not yet, perhaps you might want to reconsider your planned rack to make it more realistic because just a Maths and a Delay module (be it the Verbos one or another one), might be a bit meagre in combination with your already existing Cwejman SW1MK2; but it also depends on what you exactly want.

There are quite a few delay modules and of course the perfect way of discovering the "perfect" delay module that might fit you is, by going to a local dealer and try them all out (or as many as possible). Naturally because of Covid that might be difficult at the moment or not possible or if you don't have a too nearby local dealer, you might be "forced" to buy it "blindly" so to speak.

I don't know them all or what I rather mean is, I don't have experience with most of them, but let's give it a try to get an overview of available delays:
- Doepfer has a few whereby I think the A-188-x is the most well-known, based on the BBD principle (Bucket Brigade Device) whereby Doepfer offers several different modules by offering several different "stages". I own the A-188-1 with 1024 stages, in one way I like it, I guess because of BBD however I feel it's a module that's a bit difficult to get that properly under control but that might be just me, not really knowing how to use it properly ;-)
- 2hp has a "Delay" module, if you want it small :-) I prefer modules to be at least 4 or 6 HP, so for me this wouldn't be comfortable but if you want to save space in your rack...?
- 4ms has the Dual Looping Delay, no experience with it, might be worth to check out though
- ACL, the VC Dual Delay module, not sure if this one is sold out, it's on my wish list though
Alright Devices - Chronoblob2, funny name but other than that i don't know it
Analogue Systems has a few delay modules, as far as I know non-Eurorack so that's a pity, not sure yet if they have already a Eurorack compatible delay module, this might be interesting in the future when they do so
Animal Factory Amplification has a module called Coma Reactor Module, just because of that name it's on my wish list but then again, there is so many on my wish list ;-) Not sure about this one, might be interesting
Audio Damage has a few (ADM15, 16 & 17)
Befaco Crush Delay v2 or nowadays v3, I have that one and... I am not so sure what to think of this one, if you want a more distorted delay, this might be an interesting one, if you look for a nice clear delay effect... I don't think I would go for this one
Dreadbox - Nostalgia, for the price-performance, I think this might be very interesting, not sure about its sound quality though
Erica Synths has a few, including Black Stereo Delay, Fusion Delay (using a tube), Pico DSP (if you like it small, just 3 HP) and now recently the Black BBD, same principle as the Doepfer, also a BBD. If I remember a post here correctly this one might be interesting if you are looking for a delay based on the BBD principle, seems to be easier to get it under control than the Doepfer one, but that again might be just my own clumsiness ;-)
Eventide is planning to come with the Euro DDL, that looks like a very interesting option to me, pity it's not available yet though
Folktek has Conduit
Intellijel the Rainmaker, if you don't care the 36 HP (and the high price), then this might be your delay valhalla
Make Noise has the Mimeophon, this one I am considering but want to test it first at my local dealer to see if it's indeed as good as the name and reputation goes; knowing Make Noise, I think this might be indeed a very interesting module
Malekko has a quad gate delay, reasonably priced, small in HP (8 HP), so perhaps this is interesting?
MFB from Berlin has the digital delay
Modcan comes with the dual delay, not sure if it's still available
Noise Engineering uses the Imitor Versio to create a delay effect
Pittsburgh Modular calls their the Analogue Replicator
Recovery Effects has the Cutting Room Floor, don't know this one at all
Roland has an LFO/delay module called 572 (from their System 500 series)
Sputnik Modular might have an interesting one for you with the 4-Tap delay/dual crossfader module
Steady State Fate (SSF) has one called Propegate
Synthesis Technology has the E102 Quad Temporarl Shifter, I don't have this module however I have a few modules from Synthesis Technology and their modules are quite interesting, so I wouldn't be surprised if this is a good one too!
T-Rex has the enormous Replicator Tape Echo Module, if Tape Echo is your thing, you need 44 HP space and about a ton of money
Tiptop Audio has Echoz if you want to keep the price reasonable
TouellSkouarn has the Heklev, I don't know this one but I have two other modules of this brand, not sure if that suits... the modules I have so far from TouellSkouarn are good in one particular thing, tons of distortion :-)
Well the Verbos you mentioned yourself already
and the last that comes to mind is the WMD DPLR/Doppler delay module

So quite a few to choose from however it's not easy to advice you which one you should take without more context and even then... I do believe choosing a delay is a pretty personal taste kind of thing.

What I haven't mentioned are the tons of modules that are based on DSP effects, if you count them in as well, wow, so much more to choose from. I mainly focussed here on Delay but even then there are of course several of them already DSP based delays :-)

With DSPs I don't have too much experience, I have the Erica Synths - Black Hole DSP2, that's actually a quite nice one, and it has stereo inputs and stereo outputs; but there are so many of them...

What I also haven't mentioned at all yet, are external effects processors and pedals. I regularly use the Electro-Harmonix Grand Canyon delay pedal, nice one, mono input, stereo output but it's not a Eurorack module. Not sure if it must be a module for you or if you feel a pedal is acceptable as well? Well, the Eventide might be interesting but, at least here in Europe, it's not available on the market yet (the Euro DDL module I mean).

I hope I gave you some ideas. As already mentioned, best I believe is still to test as many as possible at a local dealer, I know not easy at these times...

Good luck with the delay choice besides the rack planning ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you everyone! I will review more options and hopefully visit a dealer to try some things out :)