Some recommendation for my fist eurorack ? I need something more ?

Hi Diego,

What type of music do you make ? What do you hope this rack will achieve ? I see some shortcomings but I wouldn't want to advise on anything before knowing what you want this build to be...

Let us know more about what you want to do with modular and maybe we can help ;)

Diego (yeah, me too)

Thanks so much !! I just buy a VCA Mutable. I forgot it. My music is similar to Fjaak or some times like as Boys be kko.

Anyway my setup is the next
Modular rack (singular sounds)
Cobalt8 (atmospheres)
Mpc1 (sequencer and drums)
Mixer Blue Box (with reverb and delay)
Pedal Elipson dreadbox

:) what do you think ? In general I prefer more minimal sounds. Jjj
This is my first approach

See, my philosophy is that Eurorack is too darn expensive to do things with it I can do with other cheaper devices, not to mention it's also a bit space intensive. When I was making only "regular" techno with a sound similar to the bands you mention, I was basically just using a couple of good samplers (octatrack + MPC or Digitakt) along with a couple of good synths (varies with taste, I'm a sucker for the Elektron workflow so in my case, that was Analog Four and Digitone). The only reason I went to modular was because I wanted to make weirder music which needed very specific tools: in my case, complex oscillators with wavefolder which Arturia's Pigment and Serum sort of got on my radar, crazy wavetable VCO's and filters I can touch as opposed to VST's, ways to have extensive control over complex modulation, and a hands-on modulation "controller" which I built with things like Intellijel's Tetrapad and Malekko's Voltage Block.

So what do YOU need ? Well, assuming you picked those Mutable Instruments modules because you like the sound of it, the first thing that comes to mind is not modular but the Elektron Digitone. It essentially gives you 4 tracks - more than what you have above - for a fraction of the price. It sounds beautiful, the design is really clever so what appears as a small object is actually quite capable, for me it's the king of the "inexpensive" digital synths. You also have the ability to go poly with it, you gain a powerful step sequencer and it's MIDI like your other devices.

I think you considering that option and then telling me why the DN is not (or maybe it is) a good option for you would help design a modular system that fits your needs, right now I have too little information to determine what those are...

And looking at what you built, the most obvious omissions in my opinion are
-at least one additional modulation source, for me it would be Voltage Block or maybe Marbles
-ways to combine modulation like Links/Kinks and/or a matrix mixer and Maths
-probably a proper EG like Quadrax to free up Stages
-a good analog filter