Any other Halo references out here in the rack archive?

I decided to use the maximum HP offered non-premium accounts and fit in everything that excites me at once, with utilities of course. It was a great fun, and a great way to test my understanding of functions and utilities thus far.

Rows in a nutshell—
First: oscillators, envelopes, mixers
Second: drums, sequencer
Third: effects
Fourth: touch controller, filters, VCAs

I heard stupid questions are encouraged here, so tear it to shreds. I have no idea if this ordering makes any sense at all but that's why I'm here.

One specific question I have is whether I need more sequencing gear. I know the USTA has a quantizer and clock but maybe I need two separate sequencers for drums and oscillators?

ModularGrid Rack

First, in reference to your other post, I think you will discover why so many people stick with the bigger/more popular names in the modular community... because they are available. Many of the modules you have chosen here are discontinued (Cjwemann, ZVex, Error Instruments, Folktek) and will be very hard to source. Even if you find them on the used market, you will likely pay a $$$ premium versus something that is readily available and will perform a similar task. Sure, the cheaper or more plentiful modules in production may not have the same niche or "cool" factor, but the point is the music, not the name on the faceplate.
I'll take a look at your arrangement and look for missing utilities etc. later today. Some of the other folks here will probably have some common beginner guidance on that.
Have fun and good luck!

Thanks dude, yeah I know a lot of these are hard to find, as I said this is just a "dream" rack. I won't actually even have a case this big for several years. And just so onlookers don't think I'm superficial about this, I'll note that I do obviously understand the music comes first. In fact, I don't particularly like the Folktek color schemes at all, but they sound really amazing for what I'm trying to do.

The ERD module with the case of dirt is a mostly aesthetic, for example, but I'm really intrigued by the sound. After all, if visuals were purely unimportant, ZVex wouldn't have a handpainted customization option :P everything we're doing with modular is about aesthetics of sound, so why not take a few aspects of visual aesthetic into account while we do?

Don’t get me wrong, I think the visual side is important too. As far as some of the hard to find and discontinued stuff, try to figure out exactly what those modules are doing internally and buy individual sound sources and utilities to recreate that. Therein lies the beauty of modular.