Hello here, first post here some beautiful discovering on this forum.

Finally I got a Morphagene and... I think I love it already !
On this patch, I wanted to give more life to an OP-Z track. I recorded a small snippet of the OP-Z into Morphagene then some ( not dead ) Clouds + modulation and it's magic ( for me at least )
First minute is just Mr Morphagene !

Hi YunYun,

Oh wow, your first post/track and then you start with this?! That's great :-) I love the first one-and-a-half-minute, such a nice intro before you "are getting to it" ;-) Overall a very intriguing track!

I just can't wait for your next track, I look forward in discovering that great creativity you are showing here in the next track. Kind regards, Garfield.

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Excellent @yunyun, really pristine and delicate for eurorack, well done!

Thanks a lot to you both !