Hi all,

I‘m new here and new to modular. I started off with a DFAM (leaving the Electribe aside) and upgraded with a 60HP case. Currently I‘m having a dual LFO and some attenuverters in the case, which add quite a bit of modulation to the DFAM.

my current rack

I‘m running an external 4 Ch mixer with one aux send to some guitar pedals (RE-20 and tc hall of fame) but would like have everything in the case, if possible. Probably no way this is possible!? Obviously, I‘m into (minimal) techno and like the restrictions a small system imposes. Also, I don’t have room for significantly more. I thought about the following option to fill the 60HP. I would probably start with getting a BIA next, can be patched to the ext in of DFAM as long as I don’t have a dedicated output module.

my planned rack

What are your thoughts? Am I missing something?


Perhaps a Malekko Varigate 4+ for this case would be more suitable
it can either be 4 cvs or 2 cvs/2gates or 4 gates sequencer...

that gives you a bit more space to put something like... MI kinks perhaps??

Thank you, mamonu. I was thinking about V4+ as well. However I‘ve watched a performance by Baseck with the VB modulating all cv inputs of a NE Synth, that made me curious. Since DFAM is negative volts as well and the NE VCOs accept only positive, I wonder if they would pair well at all? I mean CV-wise. Kinks looks like a useful many-in-one utilities. Haven’t seen this before.

What I would also do is not have the 60HP contraint. But you can do a lot of things with the rack you have planned and a smaller sequencer like the v4+ instead of the vb8. vb8 AND 60HP is putting you in a corner IMO.

Kinks and/or something like the Lapsus Os that you have in your rack plans would be able to attenuate/offset/invert
all modulation so it fits the range of what BIA is expecting. Spacewise i think that is what I would do.

Kinks is amazing for the size and what it offers.
CV wise the first part SIGN gives a signal inverter and and a half- and full-wave rectifier (that only keep the positive part of a signal.See the panel or the manual to understand this).

So one signal in and 3 interelated but different out. and thats only the first part of Kinks

For quality effx HN FXAID is great and only 4hp.

So if you take out v8+ and pico dsp and put in v4+ ,Kinks and HN FXAID you have a more balanced system.
and still 6hp for something else ;)

For minimal techno I'd use a module that can create a lot of sounds, like Plaits and a delay module for that cool dub style echo's. And maybe a good modulation module with lots of random cv's for making interesting sequences with the filter of the DFAM.

@mamonu, yes, the size of vb made me think. I switched to v4+ and kinks to save space. However, as none of the Malekko modules is currently available I’ll have some time to think through this anyway. Maybe I switch a few more times. ;-)

@ThanosF, thanks for your thoughts. Delay and reverb are indeed important. I’m not sure, if I’ll have those in the case or if I stick to guitar pedals. One sees this quite often, I believe.

One more question, is there any advantage of the Mimetic digitalis over V4+ that I am missing. It’s only 10HP, has four cv channels but it’s basically non-programmable if I understand the module details correctly. Also no Gates, which might be ok if I have triggers from DFAM, a square LFO and a 2hp Euclid. After all, the V4+ still seems more versatile, correct?