Little fun jam around this liquid d&b modular patch.

Chords pad from Plaits thru Prism and FX AID XL. Arp melody from Rings thru Typhoon (on delay looping mode). Second melody from BIA thru volante (not in shot). Bass from second ring thru c4rbn. All drums from Plonk.
Modulation from Ochd, sequenced on Hermod.

Recorded on Ableton live. Mix with Fabfilter plugins. Master with Ozone.

Hi Nokulture,

Oh wow, this is great! So nice to listen at, somehow relaxing yet intriguing. A track like this could go on for me for ages, wouldn't mind at all :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hi Garfield,
When I listen my stuff, I'm notice all my mistakes... So if someone like it, make me more comfortable with all of that. So thanks a lot, I appreciate so much your feedback :)