Running out of space. Thinking of removing a few modules but curious what the rack masters might say about what I've built thus far, what is missing, what is redundant, or what is not functional enough to merit a place in this rack.

I intend to use this as a starting canvas for a my songs. It doesn't need to fit a generative or ambient purpose. Really, I just want a palette of tools to build whatever might be inspiring to me that day: a motion-sequenced pad, a thick bassline, a nice melodic pluck synth, or a hard edged lead tone.

This will be integrated into the rest of my studio gear with 4 other synths, a drum machine, an MPC, microgranny, a few rackmount units. I'm generally using a Squarp Pyramid to build sequences and songs, however still need a Midi->CV converter. Leaning towards a Yarns clone (mBrane from Michigan is likely as I need the reduced hp). I would also love to get a dedicated Waveshaper/folder, but the Vult Freak and the Disting have both functioned well for me when I needed one. I can always rely on the Ikarie as a filter if I need to utilize the Freak for a different function.

What say you, fine patchers of the web? How would you change this rack? Have at it. Tear it apart. Suggest things in spite of my tastes and aesthetics. It's good challenge and keeps me thinking. Really appreciate anyone who has taken the time to even read this far.

Stay funky.

ModularGrid Rack

the thumbnail and the rack don't match

as is often the case - not enough utility modules - submixers, things for modifying cv etc - the erica sequenctial switch is massive - do you really need an 8 channel sequential switch in a case this size? I wouldn't - I'd be pushed to use 8 channels in my 1500hp case - I'd rather have a second 4 channel one

redundancy is not really an issue in modular - and it really depends how you patch, how many voices you have etc

I'd ditch the cells and chips modules - not heard good things about them at all

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!