New to modular so apologies for what is probably a very rudimentary question.

I am using Ableton Live with a MOTU 828 (CV outputs). I have a Hydrasynth that I am sending midi tempo signals to and am wondering, if I patch the Hydrasynths output into two of the modules I currently have, should they be tempo synched to the midi tempo I have sent out from Ableton?...does it automatically flow through the clock output from the Hydrasynth into my modules (using a stackcables to go to two different modules).

What is the best way to mange tempo when using a hybrid sort of setup?


If it's not sending clocks through the Hydra, then a perfectly good approach would be to split the clock with an inline mult or Y-cable. Since clocks are nothing but +5V(ish) pulses, you can split these as needed without major issues.

I do not own a Hydrasynth.

The Hydrasynth has a CV Clock output according to the manual. If the Hydrasynth can sync to your DAW via MIDI, I would assume that it can simultaneously generate the CV clocks you're looking for.

Page 89 of the manual discusses the setting possibilities. There might be lag between the MIDI sync being sent from the DAW until the time the Hydrasynth outputs the clock. Since I don't own the synth... I can't tell you if this is a problem, but the Hydrasynth has offset parameters for just this problem.

You might want to try making the Hydrasynth the true master and slave the DAW via MIDI Clock to it. If you're using a constant tempo, then this shouldn't be an issue. The CV Clock might be more accurate that way.

Experiment a bit and report back. Someone else might have a Hydrasynth and the same questions.