I barely get any feedback on r/modular so I’m posting it here.

too many sound sources in this size case imo
not enough support modules for those voices
not enough mixer channels to support all voices - I count 20 (the sound sources, mimeophon and beads) and only 7 mixer inputs - none of which are stereo (and both mimeophon and beads are stereo)
almost definitely not enough vcas - use them for modulation too
no offset, no inversion, no switches
no sub-mixer for mixing dixies outputs before filtering
I would want another filter - maybe 2
dump most of the bottom row, except for tetra, algoryhthm and maybe ears and maybe the i/o
buy a matrix mixer for mixing modulation
consider tesseract modular tex-mix as a end of chain mixer - inexpensive and expandable - I would suggest starting with 3 4mono channels and a 4 stereo channels and a master channel - 12 mono channels with vcas +4 stereo, 2 send/returns, cue/mix and headphones - all in 58hp for less than 400 of your choice of major currency

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

I fixed it a little bit I think

It LOOKS fine. But then, looks aren't the criteria you should be worried about. That would be performance. And this thing's not going to perform.

For starters, I can tell that you're trying to build one of these mythical "does everything" builds. And yes, they can be built. But in general, they're loads larger than this; trying to build a "does everything" in a cab this small never works. And the results are also apparent here...it's missing a lot of the "boring" modules that actually allow the "sexy" ones to operate at their full capabilities.

First of all, yank out all of those drum modules. No, seriously. Add up how much all of the drum modules cost, as well as the cost of the cab space they cover (this gets calculated like this: cab price/hp count=price per hp). Then jump over to the website of any major music gear retailer and look at their drum machines. Ultimately, you'd do MUCH better with a separate drum machine than trying to build one in here. Not only would it free space in the cab, be easier to lock up with a DAW, and so on...it's definitely going to be loads cheaper unless you get something crazy-spendy.

Once you've freed up space in here, then you'll have room for the modulation generators, utilities, and other devices that the rest of the modules require. At that point, you should probably change the layout so that it makes more sense. Put all the audio sources in one area, filters in another, VCAs, submixers, etc etc. You get the idea. By doing this, it simplifies the "map" of the panel and makes this much easier to patch. As an example, have a look at an ARP 2600 or, for that matter, Behringer's clone of it...and you'll see this some of this sort of layout paradigm in action.