Hi there and happy 4th to those celebrating!

Wanted to post this rack that I’ve been working on that is semi complete but lots of room for change. I use this rack in a very deterministic (non generative) way. It’s all controlled from various controllers and ableton through an Endorphines Shuttle Control in a separate rack. That rack also has 4 adsrs, maths, pamelas new workout, ochd, s&h, couple vcas and noise modules, as well as line in.

This rack here is for making leads, baselines, hooks whatever from the top section. Also used as a way to mangle samples. Understood that it’s a bit specific and might be different. I think of it as a sound source/processor that gets recorded track by track, so no need for a big mixer or multiple voices. Ie, use everything for a kick drum then record, then make a lead and record, and so on.

Would welcome any thoughts or suggestions. Thanks!