Here is where I am in my build: ModularGrid Rack
The space to the right of the Quadrax is reserved for QX expander

This is the build I'm looking to end up with: ModularGrid Rack

I have been using what I have so far mostly with my Hydrasynth desktop. Have been gradually learning CV Tools in Ableton (MOTU 828 for CV outputs/inputs

I've been considering the Gravitational Waves as my next add so I could really mess around with the Warps module, but interested in any feedback/suggestions from the group as far as where to go next.

One of the things I would like to be able to do is run the audio from my Hydrasynth into something that would allow me to either process through various modules OR to bypass and go straight to my MOTU 828 audio interface into Ableton. Still learning but I'm assuming that the Ladik A-520 4ch(in) line preamp/Bastl Instruments Ciao! combined with the Cosmotronic Cosmix would allow me to do?


Sure will. Once you put in the A-520 and Ciao!, you've got a complete thruput path. Add the Cosmix, and that puts you in stereo. And that's not a bad choice, actually; that gives you the possibility of using the Warps and FX Aid in either parallel (using the Cosmix's AUX send/returns) or series (just hook 'em up). Plus, with the Quadrax and Maths in place, you can begin exploring modulation control over FX.