The weather has been so nice that I haven’t sat in front of the monster in almost two weeks. Anyhow, added XAOC Moskwa II for additional creative sequencing. Some muscle memory to develop with this one but also immediately fun.

Hi Mowse,

Okay that explains why we haven't heard from you, the good weather ;-) So looks like you got less good weather now then ;-)

At least it results in a nice track. I love that moment around 0:37 when that sequence kicks in, nice!

Thanks a lot for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Very nice track! Subtle and melodically interesting. Enjoy the nice weather when you can! It's been cloudy and raining a lot here in Indianapolis (and MotoGP is on summer break - I'm a huge fan) so I have been spending a lot more time recently playing with instruments. But I'd like the hot sunny days to come back.