Haven't shared anything in a while. Here's a little lo-fi one-take looping improvisation using a Sequential Prophet Rev2, Qu-Bit Data Bender, Make Noise QPAS, and the 4MS Dual Looping Delay. Hope you enjoy. No worries if it's not your thing. Have a great weekend.


Hi Farkas,

Oh that's a beautifully nice relaxed track. This gives me a nice feeling. I pressed the play button again, I want this again and again :-)

Nice subtle sounds that keeps the listener interested, great work! Thank you very much for sharing this with us, you have a good weekend too and kind regards, Garfield.

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Hey, thanks GarfieldModular. I've been playing around with looping minimal elements and just seeing what happens. As always, I appreciate your time.

Totally my thing. ;-) I checked out a bunch of your other tracks on SoundCloud - great stuff!

Hey, thanks TumeniKnobs. I appreciate that. Most of that stuff on Soundcloud is just me rolling tape and seeing what comes out.
Here's another one-take looping improv thing I did this morning. I wanted to see what would come out if I flipped the "Amen" break a little bit. Same set up as last night, but added the Erica Sample Drum, Quadrax, and FSS Gristleizer VCA to the mix.
Have a great weekend.

Almost kind of jazzy thing, nice!

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Nice! I really enjoyed listening to this. I found it very hypnotic and was transported to another place. The looping rhythmical sequence, dusty sonic textures and meandering 'flute' melodies....just my thing!

Thanks systasis. I've been working on a more structured multi-track project, but keep finding the more improvisational and meandering music of chance is what I enjoy most. It's rarely interesting for the listener as it's more of a self-absorbed Dadaist art project. Haha. I figure I might as well put it out there in the world anyway. Thanks for listening!

self-absorbed Dadaist art project
-- farkas

It's pretty much the only reason for me to make music as well, between mediation and creation. I chose to believe there's nothing wrong with that. And given the output of your self-absorbed sonic wandering, I am super glad you decided to share it, this second video is a super cool throwback at the 90's Jungle/D&B stuff I still love to this day ! MG now has its own Adam F

BTW, how did you get to that delicious Lo-Fi sound with the track on SoundCloud ?

Take care ❤️

BTW, how did you get to that delicious Lo-Fi sound with the track on SoundCloud ?

-- toodee

I ran the Prophet Rev 2 through the overdrive (just barely noticeable) on the Data Bender into one input on the DLD, and ran the output of the DLD's first channel into the QPAS filter with just a small bit of movement into the second input of the DLD. I recorded the track pretty quiet and then slammed the hell out of the compressor in my DAW and EQ'ed just a tiny bit. I think that was all I did on that one. I get kind of a Boards of Canada-style "dustiness" that I like when I record quiet and compress heavily. I always like just a bit of noise mixed into the pads on the Prophet too.
I do have an Orange Kongpressor pedal that I run some stuff through, but I don't think I used it on that track.
Thanks again for checking it out. It's nice to have like-minded folks to bounce stuff off of!

record quiet and compress heavily
-- farkas

I tried to use the same technique a couple of times, but ended up heavy-handing stuff because I work too fast (I loathe using my computer for music) and it sounded like noise farts. You motivated me to give it another try though, I can't be always relying on "lazy people's VST's" that make things sound lo-fi with a single click :-)

Haha. I hate computer recording too. Burnt myself out on that around 2005. I think that’s why I focus on one-take experiments now. Believe it or not, I just use GarageBand and don’t use any VSTs or external plug-ins, just the compressor and eq included. I don’t even have the GarageBand sound library installed. I really just use it as a glorified tape recorder. I’m using some automation in the thing I’m working on now, but that’s about as far as I care to go.