I have really liked watching folks show their rigs for their recording so I thought I'd give it a try. There's a lot going on in this patch, but there's no clocking so it's totally freeform from a timing perspective, and it's improvised after playing with the basic patch for a couple of weeks. Lesson learned on this was putting into practice Mylar's tips on practicing/rehearsing with your live rig so you can build muscle memory and not fumble around too much (although I still do quite a bit of fumbling here).

  1. First bass sounds are sine and triangle outs from the Erica Synths Black VCO 2 through the Vult Freak and Chronoblob

  2. The main lead is the sine of Osc A and the Final of Osc B of DPO through QPAS and Chronoblob (also running through Mordax Data for gratuitous Lissajous figures). I'm using aftertouch on the Keystep Pro to control FM on DPO for the vibrato effect.

  3. A third voice is Rings which is fed notes from Marbles which I trained to E pentatonic minor. Marbles is triggered by the gate of the main lead as played on the keyboard, and biased for unpredictable trigger outs to Rings Strum input. Rings outs are going into Typhoon.

  4. After I kill the initial low drone from the Black VCO I fade in a random sequence of drones. There are four voices that are faded in and out by four LFOs on Batumi running to the Quad VCA. The voices come from Disting EX, Piston Honda A and B and Plaits. Disting is running through Ripples, PH is running through dual filters on Bionic Lester and Plaits is running through Polaris. Those are all running through Mimeophon.

Everything runs through Big Sky Chorale effect direct to DAW.


Hi TumeniKnobs,

Great a video from you! :-) A beautiful one too, nice to watch you at work at this lovely track!

Thanks a lot for the details and sharing this with us. Kind regards, Garfield.

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Great! Love the evolving ambient layers of sound with your expressive keyboard playing on top. Very alive and organic.

Very cool sounds here!

Wow! The difference of having keyboard skill versus me hahaha, nice work :)

Thank you all for the kind words. Much appreciated. Keyboard skills? Hmmmm... at least I managed not to hit a note out of the scale. ;-) Still a work in progress.

I know it's nothing new, but I'm still digging the concept of triggering Marbles' clock with the keyboard gate and letting Marbles choose the note to feed to an oscillator. As long as Marbles is trained to play in the same key as what you're playing on the keyboard, that random note added to the main keyboard line has been very cool to noodle with.


I've only actually connected a keyboard to a Quantiser once, it certainly made it easier to play all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order :)