Crappy weather has made me productive in the last couple of weeks... sorry for flooding the forum.

This one started as an experiment in the four dimensions of the Make Noise Rene 2 sequencer. The C axis is driving Rings which is what you first hear. The Y axis is driving a funky bass kinda thing through the Piston Honda. C axis is driving Plaits. The Z axis runs through variations of the sequences for all three oscillators. A big part of the performance includes enabling and disabling the sequencer gates in Rene as well as enabling/disabling glide on sequencer steps, so you get variation as it goes through the sequences. Mimeophon provides delay on the Rings sequence and is manually dialed in and out. The modular portion was recorded as a "live" performance and the rest of the parts were added after the fact.

I decided to pull a guitar off the wall for the little melody line, but the melody is later played on the Subsequent 37 and the Prophet Rev 2. I recorded many solos for this song on both guitar and synth, none of which were kept... I thought the modular track was already busy enough, so I took out the e-bow and did a guitar solo with that then ran it through a delay. Moog Taurus pedals provide the low bass line. Drums were pieced together with EZ drummer and are the only thing that was done with midi.

Nice stuff TumeniKnobs!

Wow, really accomplished stuff :)

Oh, wow. Awesome. I'm getting serious fusion vibes from this. Very well done!

Thank you all for the very kind comments. That one wasn't easy, so I really appreciate it.

Hi TumeniKnobs,

Sorry that I was being away on such a great day you released a track of capacities like this! Wow, this is good and pretty serious stuff :-) When did you say your concert tour started and leave us here alone because you have no longer time to share your professional music with us? ;-)

I hope you will show us more of this kind of great compositions! Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

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Ha! Many thanks for the kind, but clearly over exaggerated, comments. ;-) Modular has definitely sparked a lot of musical activity in me, and I’m grateful that that this place exists to learn from and share. Cheers.