One of the aspects of modular I have noticed is how all-consuming it can be. I think about modular a lot, and I have been neglecting my other synths. Another thing about modular I've noticed is that it has changed the kind of music I listen to and also the way I approach more traditional synths when I play them. I'm 'thinking' more modular and 'playing' more modular. This isn't something I've chosen, it's just happened. I filmed this little performance on my Roland SH09 which highlights the change in my style of playing.

This is great, ModLifeCrisis. Thanks for sharing.
My relationship with modular is like a pendulum. For long periods of time it is all I think about, and other times I focus on other hardware and guitars. Hope to find a happy medium someday. :)
Take care.

Hi ModLifeCrisis,

Ha, ha, I love your videos, especially those introduction videos where you provide us first with a great introduction and then some cool sounds. Both video is funny and great and then those old Roland sounds, wow, to die for! Seriously nice to listen at :-)

Thank you very much for sharing this and kind regards, Garfield.

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Yes, I am right there with you. My synth adventure began in ernest about 18 months ago and I've hardly touched any of my guitars or basses or my drum set since. I sold off a bunch of stringed stuff (and a Ducati) to pay for synths, and I have absolutely no regrets about how synths and subsequently modular have affected my life, my musical tastes, my composition and my production. It's been the most awesome musical journey I have ever taken. You are so right that it can be all-consuming and I have to be conscious that it's a hobby and restrict play-time to after hours (or before-hours). But that's not always easy (it's 9:40 am and I should be working...).

Love your videos and the performance on the SH09 is excellent! Stay the course! Embrace the Crisis!

Modular forces you to learn how to program a synth. There are no presets to recall, tweak a little, and then resave as your OWN creation. Nope... every bit of it is you.

Modular has made me hyper aware of modulation even in virtual synths, the importance of even subtle modulations, and even evaluating self-contained synths' features.