ModularGrid Rack

Hi all. I'm new to all this and would very much appreciate your opinions. Basically, I'm on a very tight budget and trying to set up a portable rack for groove/ ambient purposes and live jamming with my group.

I'm sure I must be overlooking some fundamentals. Thanks for any feedback!

  • Pam's for clocking
  • New Cre8audio modules (bang for buck)
  • Envelopes, Amp & Mixing in the middle
  • Pico drum set in the middle
  • Mutable (enough said)

how are you going to play this?

how are you going to listen to this?

modular drums are horrifically expensive and/or poor substitutes for drum machines

virtually no modulation or utilities - the most important modules in lots of ways

there are lots of manufacturers in the same price range as nifty for vcos and filters - and mostly with better reps - & yes I know that the vco and filter are a collab with a known manufacturer

boldUtility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!bold

Where would you mix your 10 or so audio channels?

It's not going to happen. Eurorack is expensive to begin with.

You expressed interest in jamming with your group. How do you intend to stay in sync with them and in key with them? Speaking of key... how are you going to generate pitches? You would need to add something like a KeyStep controller to this.

+1 on all of Jim's comments. You'd be better off spending $300 on a Behringer Neutron and a Kestep or KeyStep Pro.

Thank you all for your feedback. I agree that this set up lacks modulation and sufficient mixing capabilities. Lots of food for thought. Thanks!

Its ok to have big nodules in your small case as long as you are planning on buying more space down the line.

I hate cre8audio so I'll help you. Do what I did and buy these 3 module from dreadbox. His stuff is quality compared to the cheap rubbish you will buy from cre8.

ModularGrid Rack

Thanks greenfly. Those Dreadbox modules do look great! I have been lusting after the Typon for a good while now, too. :)