As a lover of the ensoniq fizmo synth, a synth I always wanted but the price of them I a bit high for me.
Anyone got some suggestions how to get a eurorack setup that can mimic the fizmo?
Many thanks Rickard

I have no idea how to do a Fizmo in modular but I had to chuckle because the first rack ever created on ModularGrid is my poor attempt to build a modular Wavestation/Microwave including a discussion about that on the page that wiggled muffs at that time.
Whatever you will do chances are it will not be much cheaper than that Fizmo and it also will only have two voices ...

I wonder what module one would use to replicate the inherently-defective power circuitry in the Fizmo...?

Seriously, that's why they're rare. Ensoniq did such a lousy job of hardware design that they more or less sabotaged this synth. The power circuitry was VERY prone to failure, and that failure would cascade throughout the entire synth when it happened, basically destroying it.

But duplicating that synth? That'd be a tall order. Ensoniq's "transwave" system was, admittedly, a variant on scanned wavetable synthesis (which Ensoniq was the only other manufacturer to use at that time aside of PPG), and while there are a few modules that use this, you wouldn't get the exact "transwave" sound and feel. 'Fraid solitud's dead-on point about that...