Hi, this is my current Rackbrute 6U layout. I'm a modular noob and I've tried to pick sensible modules to complement my synths and drum machines but after doing much research on Youtube there were some modules I just had to have as they seemed so perfect for my taste in music. I am totally addicted to this new hobby and have been creating (to me anyway) magical sounds with this kit so far. I do plan on buying a Pittsburgh Modular 420HP rack to go completely wild in the future as there is so much more to discover but for now I'm just concentrating on learning the ropes with this kit for now so to speak.
So, I have 16HP left which I want to fill up with a good filter or filters as I feel I need more for sound experimentation. I am leaning towards the Xaoc Belgrad as it seems multi-dimensional and very capable, but I also like the sound of the Schlappi Engineering 100 Grit but that seems a bit one dimensional so maybe better suited for when I get more HP.
Any other recommendations would be great.
My music preferences are for Techno, Hardcore/House/Disco type nonsense.
I also use alongside this a Moog DFAM and Mother32, Arturia BSP, Arturia Minibrute 2 and an Erica Synths Bassline DB-01

ModularGrid Rack

I really enjoy classic style filters like the AJH for a Moog style which you already have covered, the Mutable Instruments Ripples for a Roland style, and I've had my eye on the G-Storm Electro Oberheim clone. With that said, I have a few "character" filters too, and the Make Noise QPAS is my favorite. You could probably get into similar territory as the QPAS with the Belgrad or Bastl's Ikarie.
I've also been considering the 100 Grit, but it won't be right for every circumstance. I have the FSS Gristleizer filter which sounds great in a gnarly and disgusting way, but definitely doesn't fit into everything I do.
Will you mainly need low pass or will you need bandpass/high pass options as well?

Thanks for the reply, I'll look into those you mentioned. Mainly lowpass filtering at the moment until I can get more space.

I have a Joranalogue Filter 8. It's compact for its functionality and all filter variants are simultaneously available... just plug a cable into the appropriate jack.
DivKid reviewed it. Here's a link to the Youtube video.

Another nice feature of the Filter-8 is that you can also use it as a quadrature generator. This comes in handy for autopanning functions, phase shift (the Filter-8 also makes a good filter core for phase shifting!), "training" modulation, and the like.

Thanks dudes. Have bought the very impressive Joranalogue Filter 8. I think that will keep me busy for quite some time.

Thanks dudes. Have bought the very impressive Joranalogue Filter 8. I think that will keep me busy for quite some time.
-- rs6134x

You're welcome. I also have an Intellijel Morgasmatron. That's my general workhorse. It has two identical multimode filters (some of the effects like overdrive and phase flip are unique to each filter).

It takes up more space, is more expensive, and only one mode of filtering is available at a time through a single output per filter. I find it to be the yang to the Filter 8's ying. Having both of those seems to cover all of my filter wishlist. I also have a Roland dual filter. I love the Roland chirp but I don't particularly like their modular unit.