Hi ModularGridCommunity
I'm very newbbie, i'm play around with Neutron and Model D but i'd like to build my own modular to upgrade my layer of sound.
I'm oriented to ambient/drone music and this two machine start to be to tight.

I'd like to start from case and i have 3 question:
-I think to project an 82 or 104 HP rack system, my goal is to think a modular that can grow up in future and also can be portable, i can't decide because i can't figure how this machine can evolve, have you got some advice about it?

  • I'm stuck on decision to project a rack with 3u+1u or 6u, this because i see some intresting 1umodule and this can make me save space for portability, but intellijel module are expensive and there is some 3hp module that do the same. What you think about it? Is there a plate that can mount 1u in 3u?

  • Buy just build or diy rack? I watching around for case and the affordable option for me is Bheringer or tipTop rail to insert in case, seem like easy but less flexible. Buy 84hp prebuilt rail or buy the components for diy have similar costs.
    I see on modularsynthlab . com that offer all components for build rack. For case i'd like to build myself (some like a wood suitcase where i can insert also my neutron and model-d) also because suitcase modular are too expensive. The power adaptor that i choose is Eurorack Power KIT, Modular Synth Power KIT, MW RT65B - KIT 2 (1x PSU + 1x Power Socket + 2x Bus Board) and seem like a safe starting point.
    What you think about diy or buy and kind of issue i can find building case?

Thank to all for your answer, I am sailing in the open ocean on a nutshell :)

The case... is just a box with rails stuck to it. It's no more complicated than building your own 19" studio rack. Where I would NOT build my own is anything to do with the power supply. You can buy complete solutions for power. It really boils down to how much time you want to invest in building your own versus just paying for something prefabricated.

The Intellijel 1U standard is becoming more and more popular and there are other vendors beside Intellijel competing for that space now. Having 1U units is great but it's not a necessity. I like mine. But I wouldn't say that it makes that much of a difference unless you have a specific need... like air travel or limited space. Almost everything you see in 1U has a comparable 3U module. You won't be missing out if you don't go with 1U.

Finally, the resale value on Eurorack is pretty high. So there's not a huge penalty for changing your mind on a few modules. Buy or build your first case. Make it as large as you can reasonably afford in cost and space. Since you already have two semi-modular synths, start slowly. Some sequencers, a couple of effects units, and some mixer/utility modules will add a lot of possibilities to what you already have. Then you can always add more modules as you develop your own tastes and style.

Or why even bother with the usual racks? I was doing a bit of poking around on nVent/Schroff's website last night, and you can slap together a bespoke 84 hp rackmountable for next to dirt. Granted, this trick requires a little knowledge of how subrack assemblies are outfitted and assembled, but just look at that as "knowledge gained"...for a big discount, too!


Note that you can go as basic...or complex...as you like. 3U or 6U, the ability to add tile rows (with a little ingenuity), bespoke depths, bespoke busboard placement, and so forth. No, not as easy as just snagging something like...hmm...this: https://www.perfectcircuit.com/doepfer-a-100g6-6u.html ...but at the same time, you should remember that what you're looking at there IS what's at Schroff's site also. But it doesn't cost $530.

Thanks Ronin, your advices give me a line to follow in evolution on my rack. I'm just thinking some effect and mixer module and a turing machine.
Thanks Lugia for link, i check subrack and I'll take that into consideration as alternative to wood-box.

Thanks Lugia for link, i check subrack and I'll take that into consideration as alternative to wood-box.
-- Glitched0xff

Smart move. If you make sure to get the rack ears, you could then mount the subracks in a suitable road case, which not only makes the rig portable, it also gives it a somewhat smashproof housing to live in. Just remember, typical Eurorack is in 3U multiples, so you're looking at 6U, 9U, 10U (allows a power conditioner on top + 3 x 3U), 12U, or 16U (similar to the 10U but with five 3U subracks). And for futureproofing, having these in an easily-configurable road case means that you can cover up non-used sections of the case with some 3U blanks, then remove these as funding allows for the inevitable Eurocrack M0AR!!!