Looking at synth designers can be a great way of re-discovering or re-imagining your own system.

I've recently been learning about Serge modules and some of the ideas behind his designs. One of the most interesting things to me is the idea of patch programmability - which, so far as I understand it, is the idea that Serge modules can be many things depending on how you patch them.

This prompted me to look at my own little case and try and put some of my modules to different uses - I've had a go at turning DivKid's OCHD into a drum, my 2hp Rnd into an oscillator and using Make Noises Maths as a subharmonic divider.

The resultant short piece of 'music' is a little different to what I might normally have come up with.

Hi ModLifeCrisis,

Yeah, a nice video from you again! :-) He, he, that kind of stamping sound just before 04:00 sounds very good, you later transform the sound a bit. Then around 4:20+ that sequence kick in there is nice too!

I enjoyed your video and listening to it very much, thank you and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thanks Garfield - glad you enjoyed it.