Using Stepped and Stepped Random into a couple of filters, Monsoon Clouds on Reverb from the STO via HNVCF, a fairly heavily modulated Mimeophon(which receives a fairly slow clock to keep it something like musical) messing with a pattern from MI Marbles controlling the Befaco EvenVCO which heads through the Omsonic Funky Ladder Filter.
Added a bit of subtle Reverb onto the percussion elements (not BD) from the 2hp VERB.

Cheers for listening

PS, there's lots of our cat Nyx in this too #CatsAndModular

Hi Wishbonebrewery,

Wow, this is a great jam! Lovely lively music, yet nice relaxing. Oh, oh, oh, that drum that kicks in at around 7:40+, what a nice sound! I am just testing parts of my new studio setup and I am using your jam to got my laptop connection tested towards to the mixer, great music to test a studio! :-)

That tickin' sound you got there starting at about 8:31, that comes out of my new monitors so beautifully, wow! This is a real treat for my new studio ;-) And then that drum, that's blowing me out of my own studio! :-D

Thanks a lot for this great jam, nice video too by the way! I love the cat Nyx hanging around there ;-) Kind regards, Garfield.

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I'm not too sure if my Amp and Speakers don't show the bass as much as they should, I played some of my tracks on the Van Stereo and it was way too bassy.

Thanks again :)

Nice vibes @wishbonebrewery, cool cat cameo too! Thanks for sharing