Haven't done one of my "android jazz" videos in a while. I was just patching aimlessly this morning and thought I would record something in the vein of some of the recent posts regarding sequencers and live techno setups. This is a fully improvised modular minimal techno jam. No plan, no safety net, no direction home. Nothing groundbreaking, just pressed record to see what would happen. Actually turned out ok. Hope someone might enjoy a little Friday night dance party. Thanks for your time.

Audio only for those who don't want to stare at my twisted visage: https://ciernyvlk.bandcamp.com/track/brief-encounter

Well done @farkas, I'm a big fan of exploratory jams and this turned out great.

Thanks for checking it out @troux. I was sort of practicing restraint. My natural tendency is for "more". More drums, more transitions, more distortion, more abstract, more more lo-fi, more experimental, more, more, more... Haha.

Nice work, and way more restrained than i would have managed, good stuff :)

Thanks @wishbonebrewery. I don’t live too far from Detroit so I probably absorbed the whole minimal thing by osmosis.

Hi Farkas,

Brilliant! In that sense that I admire your courage to just get started, recording and yes, really getting started, getting into it :-) That's nice to hear and to see in the video. The jazz I am missing a slightly bit here in this jam, other than that great work!

Thanks a lot for sharing this, have a good weekend and kind regards, Garfield.

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Thank you @GarfieldModular. I know techno isn't your favorite style of music, so I appreciate your time and feedback. :)
I use the term "jazz" very loosely in the sense that this is music fully created in the moment. Haha.
Have a great weekend.