This began as a metal project, and went way off into something else. I said to Markus at Noise Engineering that I was thinking of making a metal track, and he mentioned that he had made many 'blast beats'. Having no precise definition of this - but a feel for what it might sound like - I decided to simply start with the Enter Sandman riff and go from there. It's totally lost in the wild envelopes and filtering, but that's probably for the best.

The WMD C4RBN was the obvious filter due to its natural propensity for aggression, and the Basimilus was always going to wind up in the mix. The Desmodus gets a more leisurely outing this time, but it's still pretty active. The rest of the patch is really a mass of multed envelopes and LFOs sending everything to the threshold between music and noise, and beyond it.

Great work @gumbo23. I love that sync bass sound (I’m guessing that is the Basimilus). Keep sharing!

Thanks Farkas, I appreciate it. I'm pretty sure I double the bass drum from the Numeric Repetitor, sending that to both the Quad Drum and the BIA. I'm finding so many new things in the BIA this week - not surprising that the founders say that pretty much the company's success is based on getting that module so right. When I got back into modular a few weeks back it was the first thing on my Modular Grid mockup!

Nice you mind sharing your rack? was wondering what the one in the upper right was in particular


Looks like XAOC Batumi and Studio Electronics 5089 filter at the top right.

Hi Gumbo23,

Ha, ha, I love this track, so much fun to listen at! :-) Beautiful, interesting and humouristic sounds you got there. Lots of resonance sounds ;-)

Keep on coming with tracks like these, they make my day and make me smile :-D Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Nice you mind sharing your rack? was wondering what the one in the upper right was in particular
-- jb61264

Sure. Farkas is bang on! I love that filter, and Batumi is rightly one of the most successful LFOs ever made. Cross-modulating itself is really fun.

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