Looking into more filters and curious for some of your favorites you've owned/used, some you consider the most underrated, the most unique, best value, etc. etc. Any all recommendations welcome.

I just got the Erica Polivoks VCF II and can’t believe how great it is. It’s a fairly straightforward filter, but I’ve had so much fun with it already. With filters, the old adage “use your ears” really applies, and the Polivoks sounds perfect to my ears. It sits somewhere between an acidic Roland-ish sound and the MS20. It doesn’t have a crazy feature set or anything (like the QPAS, Dipole, Morgasmatron, or Filter 8), just a great sound and can be found for $200 or less.
The Doepfer SEM and Morgasmatron (or Dual Borg) are still on my shopping list, but I’m pretty happy with what I have for a while.

I suppose the best value filter I have is the Erica Synths Black Dual VCF - thanks to @GarfieldModular for recommending it :)
It's got all the filters type outputs available at once which is something I wanted on at least one of my filters, the feature set is more than enough for the synthesist in me to have fun and most importantly, it sounds just right when pushing resonance right below the self-oscillation point, lovely. It may be discontinued now but prices on Reverb make it a great value, around 250-300 euros.

For the very particular sound and an amazingly plethoric feature set, one could look at the IME Bionic Lester MK3. Sounds crazy and then some, it's got presets, different link modes, you name it. The price may be high, but it's worth it IMO.

Finally, I should mention XAOC's Belgrad, plenty of filter types, and combinations thereof (it's a dual filter). Again, it sounds great and each filter type sounds different enough to offer a lot of sonic variety to the operator. Sounds great as a voice too !

Hi Eexee, Farkas and Toodee,

Eexee: Other than the already mentioned filters by Farkas and Toodee, the Doepfer A-124 Wasp filter is one I love, it can go quite bananas without becoming irritating like a TouellSkouarn filter that mainly just screams. So if you are looking for a screaming filter go for a TouellSkouarn filter, they have a few, the Kala Goañv isn't actually that bad and kind of okay-ish.

Patching Panda, the Vibrazum comes to mind, still discovering that one myself, not sure what to think of it but good enough to consider it. If you like more something smooth then I can recommend the Instruō - Tràigh filter, pretty decent and not rough at all, rather the opposite more like to smoothen your sound or to give it just that extra touch. A bit like the Polivok filter that Farkas mentioned I guess.

If you look more for a Roland style of filter then go shopping at Frequency Central, the State 700 Mk 2 filter for example. Not an exact 100% filter as such however if you are interested in a resonator then the Mutable Instruments - Rings is actually a quite fun "filter" (resonator is a better description) and is recommendable.

Naturally Doepfer has about a half thousand of filters or something like that, not going to name them all here however one or two that might be a bit special and to be considered are the A-108 is a transistor Moog ladder filter with 6, 12, 24 and 48 dB/octave steep slopes that can provide you interesting options. The other less obvious one is the A-128 fixed bank filter. I use that one sometimes to get rid of certain irritating sounds in my music that I can't get rid of in another way (or too lazy too figure out what's causing the irritation). It doesn't do wonders but it can make irritating sounds more smooth or less harsh and of course it can be used for many other purposes as well.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas. Good luck with the search for another nice filter :-) As Toodee mentioned, I indeed can seriously recommend the Erica Synths - Black Dual VCF, it's a great filter with some really nice features and possibilities, check out my demo here:

Mutable Instruments - Rings can be heard here:

And the Make Noise QPAS here (and later on in that demo again the ES - Black Dual VCF):

Last but not least if you are into quadrophonic music or just playing chords, then I can recommend Doepfer A-105-4, here is a demo of it:

Farkas: Interesting description of the Erica Synths' Polivok filter but I do think I can agree here with you how you described it. For myself I still need to more understand this filter, it seems I can't get the max out of it, or perhaps I put my expectations too high and want to get more out of it than it's possible ;-)

Toodee: He, he, yes that Black Dual VCF is still a fantastic filter, thanks for recommending it :-) I still love this filter a lot, together with my Doepfer A-124 Wasp filter and Doepfer A-106 SEM filter the best ones I have!

All: Enjoy the pleasure of playing around with filters and kind regards, Garfield.

For review reports of Eurorack modules, please refer to https://garfieldmodular.net/ for PDF formatted downloads

Farkas: Interesting description of the Erica Synths' Polivok filter but I do think I can agree here with you how you described it. For myself I still need to more understand this filter, it seems I can't get the max out of it, or perhaps I put my expectations too high and want to get more out of it than it's possible ;-)
-- GarfieldModular

The Polivoks just fit in perfectly with the sound I was working on this week. My AJH was too "warm" sounding, Ripples was a bit too clean, the Gristleizer was too aggressive, and QPAS was too... well, it was too QPAS. Haha.
The Polivoks fit right in the middle of all of them. I love that weird sort of overdriven resonance right on the edge. I'm sure it won't be the right tool for everything, but I have really enjoyed experimenting with it over the past few days.
And yes, the Doepfer SEM seems to be among the best of the best.
Enjoy your day!

Thanks for the recommendations so far. I may need to watch some videos about different filter types to get a sense of what I'm looking for more. I mean obviously I understand LP/HP/BP etc., but when it gets into what the filter is modeled after or circuit types -- all that stuff is over my head.

I always feel like Erica Synths modules won't be worth their price, somehow, but I had their noise generator and I thought the LPF built into that was pretty fantastic -- I only sold it off because that filter had no CV control of any kind.

I generally like the filter on my Moog DFAM and Moog Werkstatt quite well ... nice and rich and acid-y to my ears.

I had a Doepfer multimode filter and found it oddly underwhelming at the time. Never used the Wasp, but have been tempted a few times.

I currently have an SH-VCF by Radical Frequencies. It's listed on Reverb. I like it pretty well, actually, and it seems sorta hard to come by ... the character of the different slope outputs are interesting and the 6db output has a pleasing grainy saturation ... but it's too deep for my skiff and I'm out of room in my main case, and I want to get money towards something with more modes.

I had a Zlob Modular multimode filter, but just didn't dig it that much. Good value for the space it took up, nothing really wrong with it, but I feel like whatever my filter(s) is/are, I should really enjoy using.

Curious about the Doepfer SEM. I'm probably interested in the more dynamic and acid-y type filters, something you can really push as an interesting soundsource, and -- importantly, I'm realizing -- something that has some kind of gain compensation for the volume loss typical of filters.

My budget for new modules isn't what it was, so any recommendations for the $100-300-ish range are of extra value to me, though long term, I'm willing to invest more for a filter that I really love and has a lot of functionality.

I don’t believe the Doepfer SEM is capable of self oscillation if that is important to you. It’s a very classic sound. Very late-70s/early-80s vibe. Definitely on my shortlist.

in the middle of your range:

Intellijel Polaris (On my radar)
Mutable Ripples (On my radar, one or the other not both to me)

both solid filters

On the lower price end
Doepher Wasp is on my list (likely before the polaris), there are plenty of others, LPG can be added here as well if that is your jam
Make Noise LxD (I am always finding a use for this)

On the upper end
XAOC Belgrad (In my case currently)
Instruo I-o47 (In my case currently)
SSF Dipole (soon to arrive)

Intellijel Polaris (On my radar)

-- mog00

Based on what @eexee has mentioned, Polaris probably would be a really good/versatile filter to look into. Good suggestion.

I was looking for a Steppy but found Analogue Haven has Polaris in stock ( DO NOT FOLLOW LINK IF YOU CAN'T RESIST IN STOCK FILTERS)

My fave? Tiptop's Forbidden Planet, but that's because I owned an actual Steiner-Parker Synthacon for a number of years and came to LOVE that yowling, cutting filter. Nothing exactly like that weird topology for generating leads that literally RIP their way through your mix!

Has anyone used Patching Pandas filters? I enjoyed the demos for Vibrazum and Moon Phase, so those have made my "maybe" list. I've noted a few of the recommendations here, and there's a few more Doepfers I have to look up demos for, too -- they have a wider variety than I realized!

Sort of curious about Blue Lantern's as well ... people warned me off BL on another thread a bit, but a few of them look interesting and on the budget-friendly side, but they seem a little harder to find good demos for. Anyone used the Hermippe, Millipede, Lunar, Cydonia, or any other BLs VCFs?

A few others I'm vaguely eyeing are the Tiptop Z2040, Electro-Acoustic Research Model 41, Studio Electronics 8106, and Intellijel Morgasmatron. It's going to be difficult to choose just one for the immediate future. Fun, but difficult.

I was too was aiming to get Tiptop's Forbidden Planet filter but then I spotted the Omsonic limited run of their (FLF) Funky Ladder Filter which is like the Steiner Parker filter but with extra control, its a very nice sounding filter and very usable. You can mult your signal and feed all inputs then tweak the levels for each HP/BP/LP, you could do this with a simple attenuator and the Forbidden Planet filter too.

The other thing which I think should be a personal toolbox item is the Rebach VCF-AB, its very affordable and if you like the occasional dirty 303-style acid line then this ticks the box cos it will squeal like a distorted 303 because of its internal feedback path.

I'm very tempted by a Stereo Ripples filter and a Patching Panda Moonphase.

Kinda tempted by the ADDAC604 as its double the same filter that they made for their ADDAC105 4-Voice Cluster, which I found more useful than the 4-voice cluster with the ability to feed it external signals, it was simple and workhorse-like, kind of set-and-forget or just throw a little modulation at it for a background element. So with the ADDAC604 being able to be used as a Dual Mono or Stereo filter its quite a good price to keep the Stereo path from other modules, it won't be too crazy but it will be very usable.

Interesting about the ADDAC filter, that's another company that seems like they have really useful and nicely made modules that I don't see a lot of chit-chat about, really. I was briefly considering their Stinggy Filter, but sort of put that low on the considerations list ... I forget why, maybe not enough CV options or maybe something about the demo that left me a bit meh. But I had their Sum & Difference mixer for a few weeks and it was pretty cool, really solidly made and interesting -- but again, very little CV control over anything as I recall.

Still something about ADDAC appeals to me, though, but they tend to be a little pricey for me at the moment. I did actually recently order their 4-Voice Cluster and their expression pedal adapter, but I don't have them yet. Curious how that will go. The 4-Voice Cluster doesn't seem hugely popular, and I could see from the demo how it could be a bit one-note as a sound source, but there's something about the character of its sound that really appealed to me and feel I'd like to work with, and the price was right at the time I ordered.

ADDAC's got some really wild modules, though...and not just these. They've got a T-network filter pair just for pinging, for old-school beatbox sounds. And the Marble Physics "LFO" is utterly bonkers. Plus, if you need a case that a small family could live in, they were pretty much first with the 197 hp (1 meter) widths.

Yeah, I'd REALLY love to get my hands on the Marble Physics module in particular. Their big Clock Source module also makes me salivate. I went through their website the other day and bookmarked about a dozen units that I'd really, really like to at least try, and maybe own long-term. But... yeah... they are also expensive, and I am poor. Or poor relative to the expense of this hobby at least.

My favorite because its the one I have :) I got it to pair with my Void Modular Gravitational Waves dual VCO but I'm finding I like what it dose with my Arturia Minibrute 2 and Hydrasynth as well...very nice...but I don't have nearly the experience with the variety of those who have posted previously



While I haven't been able to pick up any other ADDAC filters yet, I did get an ADDAC105 4-Voice Cluster which has an onboard filter, and I love the sound on that one. It's not super-crazy or anything, but just very nice, clean, sharp, and smooth. Love the ADDACs I've been able to use thus far, but I do wish they had more/better CV input options on their lower cost modules.

Rossum filters are great. I have lineaus and evolution. Morgasmatron is also badass. Lineaus and Morgasmatron have changed my mind about what a filter can be; if I push them I get totally new unexpected signal. Filter as unique topology waveshaper in that case. Very west coast mentality. Evolution on the other hand is a beautiful ladder filter, expensive for a ladder but totally covers what I want from a ladder filter. Those are my three favorite Euro rack format filters so far. If I wanted to add any more filters I would check out the Joranalogue filter or some of the ones mentioned above.

Yeah, the Morgasmatron at the very least is definitely one I'd like to own at some point.

As I often seem to do, I went on Reverb the other day with the complete intention of getting a sequencer and a VCF, and ended up buying up something completely different. I somehow came away with a Xaoc Kamieniec Phase Rotator, Nonlinearcircuits Multi-Band Distortion, and Instruo Lubadh, none of which I'd remotely intended to buy.

While not exactly a filter, I'm hoping the Phase Rotator scratches a similar kind of itch for the time being, it seemed really interesting to me, price wasn't bad, they're hard to find right now, and I like the couple little Xaoc utility modules I have pretty well. The Multi-Band Distortion I just jumped on bc it seemed a good price, I don't see them often, and I love anything that allows me some control over EQ -- if it's distortion oriented, all the better. And the Lubadh, I have no idea really ... seemed a good price for one considering it was being sold with the expander, I've wanted one since I first started modular, and I'd just watched a demo of one that got me all juiced up.

As a kind of tangential question to this thread, I wonder what people consider their favorite "budget" VCFs to be, VCFs for under $200 that hit above their pricepoint in your opinion.

As a kind of tangential question to this thread, I wonder what people consider their favorite "budget" VCFs to be, VCFs for under $200 that hit above their pricepoint in your opinion.
-- eexee

I'd say any of the Doepfer filters. I've had so many of them in my shopping cart, but haven't bought any of them yet. They all seem great and I just can't decide. The SEM and Wasp filters get a lot of praise, and the A-106-1 Xtreme filter looks great too.

I have Xaoc Kamieniec Phase Rotator, it sounds similar to the various Phaser VSTs I have, but of course is in eurorack. With rate and depth up, IMO it sounds rather similar to other phasers. With rate to minimum, I hear it as giving a static boost to whatever frequency you've set on the big dial, plus that kind of rubbery acid-y sound phasers make. I like that type of setting for a "quick acid" treatment to any sound I would want to apply. I like the unit, but in retrospect, consider it a bit expensive for what it is.

Wasp filter is one I will likely get at some point (if I wasn't already well stocked on filters). It gets so much praise and is a good deal.

I really love my Rossum Morpheus filter a lot! Also the IME Harvestman Bionic Lester MK2 and Erica Synths Dual VCF are superb filters. The Richter Dual Borg filter kicks modular butt as well. I am a sucker for cool filters! Saving up for the Intellijel Morgasmatron and other filters.

I'm going to mention (because they haven't been already) the one filter I started with (Bastl Ikarie, dual stereo), and the one I just ordered (WMD C4rbn, multimode mono with wavefolding).

Anyone used Arcaico Warhorse? Never heard of Arcaico before, someone on Modwiggler turned me onto them. Took a gander at their website, their modules look pretty badass. Warhorse is sold out at the moment, but I bookmarked their site.

Still waiting on my Phase Rotator. Disappointed to hear it's expensive for what it does, but then, looking through Xaoc's modules, I suspect they're all a little bit like that. Not dinging Xaoc, they're just one of those brands that tends to be on the pricey side. I got a good enough deal that if it doesn't take, it should be relatively easy to pawn off without much of a loss, if any. I still don't know quite why I grabbed it -- I don't even typically like phaser effects all that much -- but, I dunno ... the demo made it seem cool and at the time I felt like I'd find a good use for it.

In the non-filter arena I did get my Instruo Lubadh and NLC Multi-Band Distortion. The Lubdah I've barely touched yet, it's going to take a bit for me to sit down and deep dive on it. The NLC is already back up on Reverb ... it's just not what I assumed it would be (a distortion unit). That's what I get for impulse buying. It's actually pretty cool for what it is, certainly not exactly like anything else I've owned ... basically a ring modulator meets a quad VCA meets an EQ/band separator, with some noise/feedback generation and saturation built in. I don't mind having an extra ringmod, and while the EQ control isn't as specific or robust as I'd hoped, it could be a very useful module for things like controlling problem frequencies, saturating and adding color/sizzle, as a random noise source, and being able to CV trigger the gain of each band region independently is sort of cool, too, allowing you to create rhythms "within" a signal, if that makes sense. It also has both summed audio out and individual audio outs per band region, so ... while I'm relisting it (bc it eats up a chunk of space and wasn't what I was actually after when I bought it) I've come to find it useful enough that if it doesn't sell, I'm happy enough to keep it. I suspect there are some potential ways to use it that I haven't thought of yet that could make it uniquely valuable. I guess we'll see.

Rossum filters are great. I have lineaus and evolution. Morgasmatron is also badass. Lineaus and Morgasmatron have changed

Hell yeah! I love my Rossum Morpheus filter so unique and lots of tone shaping options. Also love IME/Harvestman Bionic Lester so many shaping options. Erica Synths filters are great fun for self oscillation purposes and gritty tones.

Now I'd like to get my hands on the XAOC Devices Belgrad filter as well as Intellijel Morgasmatron and Mannequin Three Sisters.

Filters are loads of fun in eurorack land.

doepfer - all of them - reasonably priced and do what they say on the tin (mostly) and a reasonable amount of voltage control

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

I still have the Doepfer SEM filter that came with my A100 Basic system and it sounds good.

I've got the SEM, Wasp and the Moog style ladder filter - plus the LPG - all great value for money!!!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!