Wanted to see how my Akemie's Castle sounded running through the VCF303, turned out ok!

Made with:

ModularGrid Rack

Thoughts: sometimes the DUSG is great in this rack, sometimes it doesn't get used, uGrids seems neat, custom euclidean script in Crow helps add a lot of action, Akemie's Castle rules so hard, and Metropolis still kicks ass even with the Metropolix around.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy!

Great sounds in this. Am I wrong that you have a 4/4 and a 5/4 overlapping time signature thing going on here? I've been trying to tap out the different rhythms and would like to know more about how this patch is working.

Sounds great as always! That's cool that you were able to incorporate FM and still keep the acid vibe. I tried some similar experiments with the 2-op FM and wavetables from the E352 and wasn't getting anything I really liked. May have to give it another try.

Thanks you two!

@TumeniKnobs, the rhythms here are driven by three modules. Firstly uGrids is doing its thing without much modulation going on, so it's pretty 4/4. Crow is running a custom Euclidean script with its Euclidean note count modulated by the Tirana, which is actually triggered by one of the Crow's own outputs. So I'm not sure I could say what time signature it's in because it's constantly shifting and having the Euclidean note count adjusted on the fly! Lastly, the Metropolis is set to have one extra step in its sequence while its VCA envelope is triggered from the Crow, so the pitch values are constantly rotating one step at a time while the rhythm is following the logic I laid out above.

@farkas I was having a lot of trouble getting Akemie + VCF303 to work, I ended up setting the Akemie's voice to some simple wave forms (after all a square wave plus a VCF303 is close to a TB303) and then added in the FM as triggered or hand adjusted modulation here and there. Starting simple and then tweaking made it a lot easier.

Hi Steve,

Oh that's a great track, it's nice relaxing to listen at. Are you going to add that to your After Beach Acid album or is this a stand alone track?

The track itself could be much longer, it stops far too early! How about your own 17+ minutes rule? ;-)

Great work and thank you very much for sharing this with us, kind regards, Garfield.

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This is proper good, more please :)

Thank you both! And @GarfieldModular we'll see about some 17 minute tunes, hopefully soon!

Really nice work! Enticing sounds. Awesome rig too

Thanks @Gworn!