Hello again to this awesome community. I have other hobbies and I am in a lot of forums, but this is by far the most expressive and knowledge sharing of all of them. Normally people just show off what they got and what they did, but rarely they explain things. Most likely, you figured out, English is not my mother tongue, sorry about my mistakes on that regard.

Now to business.
I am trying to simplify my first prototype from two "Mantis" cases and one "Intellijel 7U" to only the two "Mantis". It is hard because I had to compromise my finger's comfort to small modules, comparing to my first built rack.
What I am looking for is really simple, an custom-made modular synthesizer.
I said it before, I want to generate Leads from it; I want to play it with all my external devices: Drum machine, step sequencers, mixers and complement the other sound devices: Behringer 2600, Model D , Subharmonicon and Hydrasynth. To summarize it a little, what I want to build is a extremely customizable "standard" synthesizer.

What I want for making public this second rack v2, is all the help you could provide me, pointing what module should get out and replace it for more efficient ones, what probably will I use the most and what is not so useful. Things like that.

I had read about a lot of modules listed on the modulargrid DB, but I am not even close enough to say I know half of them. -_-: that is why I am asking for directions.

Thank you very much.