Started my modular journey a few moths ago, after being inspired greatly by Andrew Huang. Mylar melodies and DivKid have been invaluable resources in choosing modules and approach.

Not sure what I'd call this, genre-wise. It's a hip-hop-ish beat and tempo, I guess.


P.s. Sorry for the abysmal camerawork!

Hi Ryan the Gecko,

Oh, this is a nice jam! Ha, ha, I had to smile when I heard those funny sounds just before 3:00, good stuff. Some of your percussion is pretty loud compared to the rest, otherwise this is a great piece of work! The pluck sounds are great too! Pity one can't see your Eurorack modules in the video, would be nice to see those too.

Thank you very much for sharing this with us and kind regards, Garfield.

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Nice job ryanthegecko...I have the Minibrute 2 but haven't yet paired it up with my Rackbrute 6U setup (been pairing with my Hydrasynth desktop mostly) but you've inspired me to get that Minibrute out (I forgot the 2 has the sequencer as well). Hopefully I'll get brave enough to share something soon as well...well done!


Nice work, and I'm loving your Blank panels :)

Made me think of Aphex Twin. Nice job =]