You guys have all been posting great tracks recently and I humbly submit some mellow ambient for your chill out time. This is the short version... ;-)

This was going to be just an ambient track with the sounds of a steamy, hot summer day as the base, however... a squadron of Warthogs (A-10 Thunderbolt) started doing laps over my house. It was race day in Indianapolis and they were getting ready to do their fly-by. I figured I'd just let the recording roll. There's almost no processing to that field recording, just a bit of reduced levels for the fly-bys because they were very loud.

There is a simple modular track with a slow sequence running into Plaits which is running into Bionic Lester using both filters, one is LPF and the other is the comb filter which makes cool glitchy sounds when freq is modulated. Beads is providing additional glitchiness with the Size knob being modulated. There's a track using a lovely pad on the Prophet Rev2 which, when the resonance is turned up, really does sound an awful lot like the sound of the cicadas, so I am riding the cutoff and resonance knobs for each pad swell. Since I'm slowly fading in the resonance you can barely tell it's not just more cicadas. There's also a track from the Subsequent37 adding some high end swells with fast warbling. Then there is a pulsing bass sequence provided by the Moog Taurus Pedals. I am using my foot to ride the cutoff up and down manually (pedally?). The chirping you hear is a Northern Cardinal . :-)


Lovely piece! The nature sounds and music blend really nicely

Hi TumeniKnobs,

Indeed beautifully done, how that sound of those cicadas fit so nicely into your music, weaved together as if they are one! Even that squadron of planes is really subtle and nicely merged into your track. When did you said your next concert is going to be here in Germany? ;-)

Can't wait for your next track, this is a real great treat, you made my Wednesday wonderful! Thank you very much and kind regards, Garfield.

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Wow @TumeniKnobs, fantastic track, super human and with a nice nostalgic feel. Looking forward to the album!

This is beautiful. Well done. Perfect mix of field and studio.
If you live in Indy, I'm not too far from you. Three cheers for the midwest! :)

Thank you all for the very kind responses. It's much appreciated. I've said this before in other threads, but modular has really prompted me to do so much more recording than I have done in decades. It's the combination of pushing me to different types of music than I have ever made before (like ambient) with less formal "song" structures, and the fact that there's no "save" button. What a fantastic hobby!

I did do a new cicada recording the other day - this time with some great thunder claps accompanying them from a storm that passed by. Now I just have to re-arrange my racks then see if I can put something together for that.

@Farkas - yeah I live in Carmel. Where are you?


@Farkas - yeah I live in Carmel. Where are you?

-- TumeniKnobs

I’m in Yellow Springs, Ohio, just outside of Dayton.

What a lovely piece. Gorgeous.