ModularGrid Rack

These are all the modules I have, 3 of which are freshly ordered DIY kits; Drive, Prok BD & Moon-Phase.

Could I organise my modules better?
Is there anything to excess, maybe something you'd ditch?
Missing something (other than Talent) Another VCA (a different Stereo VCA might be on the cards as the ST Modular seems to be over-driven from the word Go and distorts a simple sine wave)?

Plans are to split off the percussion row into a separate case, probably with one of the uZeus for power. Then I'll finish the KonstantLab Power upgrade for the main case and sell the spare uZeus.

Gone are the days when I thought 2 rows for 84hp would be all I'd ever want! Things are getting interesting now with a 'potential' 5 rows of 84hp

Cheers :)

Hmmm... I duplicated your rack to have some fun tweaking later today or tomorrow. The number of 2hp/small modules creates an interesting puzzle to solve.

I wanna see the @Lugia take 👀

Well, I'm not Lugia, but here's how I would probably set this up to start with. Of course I would tweak it as necessary after experimenting.
I tried to keep the plumbing along the sides and separate the 2hp stuff a little bit for wiggle room. I would probably want all of my clocks/gate sequencers along the bottom with mults above so you could mult gates around the system. Modulation and matrix mixer just above the sequencers. Links at the top left for a buffered mult/adder near your oscillators. Sound sources, filters, drums, FX, and maybe VCAs all grouped together with other mixers and attenuators sprinkled throughout. It's always hard for me to find the right spot for Disting, so the top right of the case seems to work here.
This seems more organized for the way I work, and the way my own rack is set up but obviously this may not be a sensible approach for your workflow. Either way, it was a fun exercise.
ModularGrid Rack

*edit: I placed Marbles above the other sequencers due to the jack placements.

I usually work from the bottom to the top of the rack.

Bottom row: Sequencers, clocks, mutes, main mixer... anything that's going to need a lot of hands-on manipulation.
Row 2: envelopes, LFOs, oscillators
Row 3: VCAs, filters, effects

Your rack is tall and narrow, so adjust accordingly.

And for my take on this...well, I started work on a rework, but then ran into a very disruptive imbalance between actual oscillators and "everything else". Technically, there's only three VCOs here, not counting the drum modules.

With this much modulation and processing in the original build, it makes a lot more sense to figure out what expansion you can do to the oscillator complement to REALLY punch this up. One possibility would be to add a few more basic VCOs, but a more versatile possibility would be to replace the STO and the Befaco with a pair of complex VCOs. These would give you loads more timbral flexibility AND it would keep your modulation sources nice and busy. And they'd make a good mix with the Chainsaw VCO.

So, my question would be this: how much latitude would you like me to have here? Given that you're considering moving all of the percussion to a separate cab, that would open up loads of room to play with.

Thanks all :)

@Farkas - So you favoured triggers and gate flow, I think my original favoured Pitch flow, things do get tight with the 2hp modules even with some of the others, if there are a stack of jacks filling one module then the Pots on the module next to it can be almost impossible to tweak. I can see some interesting sounds coming from mixing the outputs of the Befaco EvenVCO via the Doepfer mixer then onto the SVCA & Moon-Phase. At the moment I'm using the Doepfer mixers to stereo-sum my percussion and the Happy Nerding & Befaco mixers are basically my Output to external mixer.

@Ronin1973 & @Farkas - Filters in the top row, I think this will be done pretty soon, I'm already fighting through wires to adjust them where they are.

@lugia - I'm glad someone said VCOs, this does feel like a glaring hole, I was thinking of sticking fairly traditional and the Honeyeater from ST Modular looks interesting with its wave mixer section which vaguely reminds me of my old Roland MC202.
Yep the Percussion row can be pushed off to another case.
In what way to you mean Complex Oscillator? There are lots to choose from under that headline, something like a Plaits would encourage me to get rid of the 2hp Pluck & Bell and make for more finger room around jacks and pots.

I'd quite like to keep the EvenVCO, as it was a DIY build and for the moment I still feel attached to it.

My main focus in Eurorack is to have fun and learn, if what comes out sounds good thats a bonus.


I think something like Plaits would definitely allow you to get rid of the 2hp sound sources. And for that matter, Warps (another Mutable module) with the Parasites firmware might come in handy here as well, allowing you to stretch the VCOs you do have a bit further while adding a limited internal oscillator for ring mod, waveshaping, vocoding, TZFM, frequency shifting, and a bunch of other fun stuff. I didn't recommend any module changes at first because this is your system. You know what you like and don't like about it.
And that sort of leads me to why I'm hesitant to recommend any module changes at all. You're already pretty deep into your modular adventure, and you chose your current modules for a reason. If I was to recommend a bunch of stuff that you don't already have, that would be MY dream system not yours. You already noticed that I proposed a workflow that focuses more on rhythm, which is how I use my own rack. I've watched a lot of your videos, so I know that your approach is much more melodic and sort of "generative-ish" than my focus on repetition and noise. Any module recommendations I make would reflect my own tastes and approach, not yours.
I will say, don't be afraid to sell off the modules that you don't use or that don't fit your developing sound. Just be purposeful in what you add and subtract.
Have fun!

Complex oscillators...OK, they begin with Don Buchla and his dual waveform generators for the Buchla 100 system, and gradually evolved into something like this: But Buchla is hella expensive, so of course there's complex oscillators in Eurorack that get you there for cheaper. And they're very useful, because you can generate a lot of FM or AM timbres in a pairing like that...or you can use the two sections as individual VCOs, plus a whole lot of other craziness (complex oscillators as LFOs are pure madness!). The upshot is, if you've got a build that has space for them, they're really only need ONE per voice, actually, as they've got a well-deserved rep for timbral complexity that goes beyond all but the better digital oscillators.

Cheers guys :)

Ahh, OK.... The closest I get to Buchla is the DannySound Timbre being fed a Sine or Triangle wave. I've just been playing with it to make a slightly acid line letting the envelope tweak the Timbre. I keep meaning to use a very slow LFO to try make a very long evolving note, and I've made a beefy Kick sound from it feeding it from the ADDAC103.
I must experiment more.

Here we go, I just needed a bit of a nudge to use the DannySound Timbre ;-)

as you already have the dannysound timbre - maybe patching you own complex vco is the way to go?
maybe double up on the vcos you do have - using one pair for a slightly detuned bassline and the other for a waveshaped complex oscillator with the timbre

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Could well do, I seem to recall taking your advice on the Matrix Mixer and MI Kinks.

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

Talking of Doubling up the SINE inputs to Timbre Seriously Top Tips there, I've been using the output of 2x resonant filters as my sound sources and I'm getting some Mad interesting sound sculptures out of Timbre into Clouds :) Then riding the filter cut-offs for the sine tone gets crazy AF!
Much happy noodling with dark ambient madness!

I just noticed you have both Marbles and 2hp tm & tune

so do I...

I'm on the fence for selling the 2hp modules

I'll probably either build a small case and stick them in it for a bedroom/couch case - or I'm going to sell them

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!

I get the distinct impression that I use Marbles and the 2hp TM for distinctly different things, I find the TM+Tune better for simple bass lines with a beat whereas Marbles doesn't seem quite as usable like that.... Marbles is probably great and I just need to twiddle the knobs to different settings.

sounds reasonable - hmm... I could use the tm to get a 'random bassline' into my sinfonion chnnel 1 (can be set to root and 5th only, very easily) - and dump the tune though... but I have other things for that, too... we shall see!

Utility modules are the inexpensive, dull polish that makes the expensive, shiny modules actually shine!!!